Why School of Business Management?

Today’s dynamic business world needs equally dynamic people to run it. Let our School of Business Management (SBM) mould you to become one of those people, with our wide range of diploma courses.

SBM will equip you with all the skills you need to face the rigorous demands of a fast-paced digital economy. You will be a dynamic, innovative and enterprising professional, ready to take on challenges and achieve successes in a globalised business environment.


The '2020 JAE Range of the Net ELR2B2' is the Net ELR2B2 aggregate of the highest to lowest ranked students who were admitted to the Business Management courses in the 2020 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

Courses   JAE
Course Code
2020 JAE
Range of the Net ELR2B2
Minimum Entry Requirements
Subjects                                  Grade
Accountancy & Finance C98 7 to 12

English Language


Any three other subjects*




Banking & Finance C96 8 to 13
Business Management
C94 7 to 16
Common Business Programme C34 9 to 16
Food & Beverage Business C46 5 to 16
Hospitality & Tourism Management C67 5 to 14
Mass Media Management C93 5 to 12
Sport & Wellness Management C81 5 to 14

*To be eligible for admission, you must have also sat for one of the following subjects:
Art/Art & Design, Business Studies, Combined Humanities, Commerce, Commercial Studies, Economics, Geography, Higher Art, Higher Music, History, Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English/Chinese/Malay/Tamil), Humanities (Social Studies, History/Geography), Introduction to Enterprise Development, Literature in Chinese, Literature in English, Literature in Malay, Literature in Tamil, Media Studies (Chinese), Media Studies (English), Music, Principles of Accounts.

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