Annie Lim

Class of 2008 Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
Allied Educator (Learning & Behavioural Support) with Ministry of Education

“Success takes a whole new meaning when every day on the job is a chance to change a life. As an Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support) with the Ministry of Education, I provide intervention support to students with mild special educational needs (SEN) so that they can integrate well into the classrooms.

As I have always loved being around young children, I joined the pre-school industry as an early childhood educator upon graduation. However, an encounter with a child with special educational needs (SEN) ignited my passion to work in the field of SEN. Since I had no prior experience due to my background in engineering, I went through a foundational training programme that was sponsored by the Ministry of Education. This training equipped me with the necessary skills to provide intervention support to students with SEN.

On-the-job, I need to identify the students’ areas of need so that I’m able to bridge the gap and help them assimilate into mainstream curriculum. I also share the skills with teachers and parents of these students. My end goal is to integrate our students back into the classroom.

Although my job is challenging, the struggles pale in comparison to the joy I get from watching my students become confident and active contributors. To me, every little step my students make is a celebration of success and there are no words to describe this feeling.”