Anthiea Koh Fei Ning

Diploma in Business Management (Class of 2023)

Meet Anthiea Koh Fei Ning, recent graduate from the Diploma in Business Management with specialisation in Ecommerce Retail & Events. Anthiea was the President of Mentoring Club and a recipient of the NYP Star Award 2023 in individual (Distinction) category as well as for Mentoring Club (Merit). We caught up with Anthiea to find out what she misses most about NYP and how her CCA has shaped her dreams and goals to achieve more.

What strategies have you found most effective in managing your time and prioritizing your responsibilities in school that you think would help you in your career or further studies?

My goal is to become a secondary school teacher in the future. With this goal in mind, I was motivated to balance my CCA and my studies well as both my CCA and my studies were equally important to me. As such, I would say that my strategies were good time management and setting of clear goals of what I wanted to achieve. I believe these strategies will also be effective for my future undertakings.

How has your experience at your school shaped your personal and professional goals?

As Vice President in AY21/22 and President in AY22/23 for my CCA - the Mentoring Club, I was given many opportunities that have helped me shape my goals. Before joining the Mentoring Club, I was initially unsure if I wanted to be a teacher until I attended the mentoring sessions. Through the sessions, I discovered that I had a passion for teaching.

Can you share some specific memories or experiences at our school that you cherish the most?

The time that I cherished the most was the three months during the Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP). In TEP, we were tasked with working on client projects in groups. My group was tasked with doing social media marketing for our client. I had a lot of fun because my groupmates and the TEP supervisors were very open-minded and friendly. My group and I helped and encouraged one another throughout the three months, so it felt like time just flew by. TEP was held three months before I was conferred my Diploma, so it was a special time and a memorable experience for me.

Would you like to share how you overcame a challenge or obstacle that you encountered as a student?

A challenge I often faced as a student was procrastination. Since my course was mainly project-based, we had many deadlines. Besides the projects, I also had to plan events for my CCA, which also required time commitment. I managed to overcome this challenge by constantly motivating myself to complete my projects by the deadlines. For example, I would tell myself: "If you do not do it now, you are likely to submit it late and will likely receive a lower grade, which will then affect your GPA." Since I did not want this to happen, I would push myself to finish my school projects on time.

As a fresh graduate, what do you miss most about NYP?

I miss T-junction a lot! Since I enrolled at NYP at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020, I did not get to enjoy the T-Junction facilities in Year 1. It was only when I was in Year 2 that the T-Junction was re-opened. So, I did get to enjoy the facilities at T-Junction for the second half of my time in NYP. The place brings back many great memories of good times spent with my friends!


Anthiea Koh Fei Ning
Written by:
The Communicators (NYP CCA club)
Chan Yu Sing
Year 2, Diploma in Banking & Finance