Darsini Naidu

Diploma in Business Management

School of Business Management




I was from Whitely Secondary School. After finishing my O-level examinations, I was unsure of what to do next in life. My family encouraged me to take up a course in business management because of its good prospects. 

I researched online about the courses offered by various business schools in Singapore. NYP's business courses and its curriculum stood out for me. I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for it. To my surprise, I got in, and it was one of the happiest moments in my life. 

NYP was my first choice, and it will always be. There are numerous aspects that I would like to affirm NYP for.

Firstly, the lecturers are such friendly individuals who always have a smile on their faces.  Even when I struggled with a particular theory, they will patiently explain and adapt their teaching style for me to learn and understand. I’m impressed with how NYP lecturers would go the extra mile for their students.

Secondly, NYP honours talents and strengths in their students. During my effective communication course in Year 1, I was always encouraged by my lecturer to strive and speak up as she believed that I had what it took to enhance my skills further. In Year 3, I did my Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) under Business Research Centre and CareerLink@SBM. I was chosen as an emcee for the TEP orientation programme by my programme manager. 

LET NYP BE YOUR FIRST CHOICE! There are so many courses to choose from and the lecturers are so well-equipped and competent in teaching us the skills and knowledge that are relevant to the real world. 

Poly years are the best years for experimenting, take this opportunity to learn a new skill, ask 101 questions or even take up a new interest/CCA. It’s all provided for under one roof - NYP.

I was able to enhance my leadership skills by volunteering as an Orientation Group Leader (OGL). This was a very fun experience for me as I get to experience first hand-on how to lead a group and inspire my teammates. I was able to meet fresh faces and even make new friends in the process. Some of them remained acquaintances, and I do keep in touch with them.

The most memorable experience was winning the Best Go-Global Challenge Group in 2015. My teammates and I had presented our ideas to the head executives of Soup Spoon as they were planning to expand their business into the competitive market of Shanghai. Using the knowledge and skills taught to us through the International Business Strategy course, we presented a comprehensive plan with innovative ideas that garnered us the first place. We were awarded $500 for our efforts which was a lot of money for poly students at that time! Truly a memorable experience!

After graduating from NYP, I took a gap-year and pursued my part-time degree in counselling at SUSS. I found a calling to work in social services, where I continue to work as a Youth Mentor alongside teenagers who have undergone abuse and trauma. I’m about to graduate, and I see myself working as a full-fledged counsellor in the journey ahead. NYP continues to have a huge place in my heart. The lessons I've learned continue to live on and I’m forever grateful for the lecturers who commended my aptitude and encouraged me to develop my skills in communication!