Dawn Yeo

Diploma in Physiotherapy,

School of Social & Health Sciences




After graduating from secondary school, I had decided to pursue a diploma in Physiotherapy, and I have no regrets making that decision. What I remember most about NYP is hanging out at North Canteen with my classmates during lunch time and with my teammates after school and before the start of CCA training. Although the timetable was quite hectic for us, there were pockets of time in between lectures and tutorials where we could spend together.

As I had played Netball for almost 10 years, I wanted to try a new sport when I joined NYP. My friend suggested Ultimate Frisbee! When I started out, it was difficult to master the throws, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of mastering it. The frisbee club provided opportunities for me to grow both as a player and a person.

I met the most important people in my life at NYP - my physiotherapy classmates, my frisbee teammates & of course, my fiancé. The three years in NYP were not easy, having to juggle both academics and frisbee training, but I was thankful for these wonderful pillars of support who had kept me sane. I think it is important to form special friendships with people who will travel life’s journey with you!

The most memorable experience in NYP would be winning the Ultimate Frisbee IVP championship during my last year in NYP. I think our club is quite well known for having the toughest training in school. After 3 years of rigorous training under our coach, we managed to clinch the gold medal. To this day, I still remember the winning moment.

It has been some time since I graduated, and so many things have happened since then. I graduated from university and have been working in Sengkang General Hospital as a physiotherapist. My happiness has no limits seeing my patients achieve their goals after attending therapy sessions :)