Jasper Chan

Class of 2007 Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
Director, Mosanco Pte Ltd

"My keen interest in Science started when I studied Chemistry and Physics in secondary school which led me to pursue Molecular Biotechnology in NYP. Upon graduation and after completing NS, I went on to teach Science in a primary school before venturing into business. I'm currently running Mosanco Pte Ltd., a company that creates, formulates and distributes products that enhance the quality of human health.

This year, we have created Mosanco Tea, a functional beverage that has the ability to reduce and slow down sugar from being absorbed into the blood stream. This is the first project we have undertaken in the hope to reduce overeating problem in Singapore and in developed countries in Asia. I always believed that one should do what one likes. And there are three driving factors that allow me to enjoy my work. Firstly, there is Science that contributes to the functionality of my products which is my passion. Secondly, I get to meet people in the course of my business that I enjoy very much. And lastly, knowing that my products will benefit people from all walks of life - clients who achieve their business goals and consumers who achieve their personal health goals.

I became a businessman when an acquaintance requested help in his distribution business. I casually said yes, assisted him in marketing thereafter, by creating awareness of the products on social media platforms. With a healthy increase in sales volume, he saw the potential in me and that led to me taking on the reins as his business partner. My experience has taught me never to underestimate opportunities. However small, do it with the right intentions and good things will happen in due time. Opportunities do not always lead you to making lots of money but it teaches you to become a better, wiser and stronger person who goes on to achieve bigger things in life.”