Jillyn Teo

Diploma in Multimedia Infocomm Technology

School of Information Technology


Upon graduating from CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent after completing my O-level examinations, I applied to my first-choice polytechnic, NYP. 

The best thing about NYP was the friendships I've forged. I'd still remember how we used to hunt for empty tutorial rooms to start our ‘exam mugging’. When the others say "the family that eats together stays together", I'd say " the friends who study together, grows together". By studying together, we all benefitted from one another through the exchange of knowledge, tips and experience. 

When we couldn’t find a space on campus or wanted a change of environment for our revisions, we used to head to the nearby fast food outlets and heartland malls and haunt for the best spots to hang out and study. Those stressful yet fun moments are hard to forget. Thank you to all those who made it bearable during these times.

During our lunch breaks, we would head to North Canteen, which had awesome food. The western food was so “YUMZ”! We used to walk from our lecture halls and tutorial rooms to the other end of campus just to savour the food North Canteen offers.

Ever since my graduation in 2004, I started working in the healthcare industry, specialising in supply chain management. I believe that the IT skills I picked up during my learning years in NYP have contributed greatly to my current position as a Regional Demand Planner. 

I make sure markets meet their targets by having their inventory at the right place and at the right time. I like that my job creates an impact on the profit and loss of the country and makes an impact on the lives of our consumers.

Although you might not end up working in the industry you want to be in, enjoy the learning moments and your time in NYP. Knowledge is king!