Julian Ma

Class of 2001 Diploma in Information Technology
CEO, Computer Guys

Julian graduated in 2001 with the Diploma in Information Technology from School of Information Technology. As an experienced entrepreneur, he has been actively sharing his experiences with budding entrepreneurs from NYP.

When did your passion for computers begin?

My parents bought me my first computer when I was 11, since then, I’ve always been passionate about IT. At the age of 13, I started repairing computers for friends and relatives. My passion in helping people and the love for IT naturally propelled me towards starting my own IT company.

Share with us what’s Computer Guys all about.

Computer Guys aims to revolutionise the IT industry by focusing on good customer service and setting out to be an outstanding standard-bearer for proper system administration within the industry.

Being a true entrepreneur at heart and in spirit, I decided to bring forth the improvements of IT services to the global stage. Excellent service is fundamentally the core of my entrepreneurship endeavour.

I started Computer Guys in 2010.  From a 2-man team with near-zero funding to a 50-man team that it is today, it has evolved and turned in a revenue in excess of $13 million with 200 subscribing customers under our belt, averaging year-on-year growth of 30%, including the recent expansion to Shenzhen, China.

Do you have any words of advice for your juniors?

I believe in taking the effort in constantly improving the quality of life and how we can do things better.

It can be improving processes or part of a service you deliver, or even working towards a breakthrough in science and technology. We should not be complacent with what we have right now. It should always be an ongoing process striving to improve. If you see something that bothers you, you should roll up your sleeves and attempt to improve it.