Michelle Vong

Class of 2016 Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)
Former President, NYP Community Service Club
Former Vice-President, NYP Emcee Club 

"I started volunteering in 2013 with NYP's Community Service Club and have invested much time and effort in building long-term relationships with some of the seniors at the organization I volunteer at.

To build a strong rapport with the seniors, we used to visit them at least twice a week, organizing parties, programmes, or just joining them in their regular day-to-day activities. When I was graduating from NYP, I didn't want to stop visiting the seniors, as they treated me like their granddaughter. I genuinely cared for them and wanted to know how they were doing. So after graduating, my friend and I rounded up some of our old friends whom we knew were interested in volunteering, and we decided to initiate regular series of programmes, some monthly and some fortnightly, on our own time, using our own resources.

Since we were always chatting with our friends about our programmes for the seniors, we began asking for ideas. Since then, more friends have come on board to volunteer and support our initiative and they all have something different they can offer and contribute to our programmes. I think we've also had many volunteers coming back to tell us how much they've enjoyed their experience volunteering with us at our programmes, and I feel that is an affirmation of all the time, effort and resources we've pumped in to run our programmes. If you have always wanted to volunteer and looking for a platform to do so, come join us as we continue to put smiles on peoples' faces!"