Muhd Syarafuddin

Diploma in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology
School of Chemical and Life Sciences



I graduated from NYP in 2020 and am currently serving my National Service. Although NYP was not my first choice, after spending three years with my friends pursuing our Diplomas, I am happy to say that I have no regrets joining NYP.

The environment in NYP is really vibrant and fun. The lecturers are also pretty cool and very easy to interact with, especially if you need help with studies or other matters. Although I found that my Diploma course was a bit “grindy” sometimes, what made being in NYP a great experience was going through these experiences with my friends.

The best thing about NYP and my course was the bonds that I have formed with my friends and lecturers. My advice to the juniors: Although studies are important, cherish the bonds that you create in the three years you are at NYP because they will be significant in the years to come.