Ow Jin Teng

Class of 2020 Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry
School of Chemical and Life Sciences


Was NYP your first choice?

NYP wasn’t my first choice, but I’m glad to have been posted to NYP as the campus feels like home and there are many opportunities for students to seek personal growth. ️ To me, the best part about NYP is T-Junction because it’s a great place to chill! I remember spending a huge amount of my time there in Year 1, playing board/card games, foosball and having karaoke sessions in between lessons with my friends.

What was your takeway from NYP?

Being the President of SCL Club was one of my biggest takeaways from NYP! Besides expanding my social circle, I grew from an introvert to become a confident leader who is able to work with people from diverse backgrounds today! I really enjoyed planning and executing events with my team and seeing our participants having fun!

What were some of your favourite memories in NYP?

I thoroughly enjoyed studying! I looked forward to lab sessions every week as I got to apply the theory I’ve learnt in lectures and conduct fun experiments with my friends. Our lecturers are another reason why I love NYP! They explain concepts in creative ways and are always available for consultations after school. They even take their time to listen to our problems and always give plenty of helpful advice! If given a chance to choose again, I will definitely choose NYP as my first choice poly!

What would you like to say to your juniors?

I hope that my juniors will cherish their time in NYP, and not just focus on their academics as grades do not define them. They should participate in faculty and campus events and enrich their student life during these three years as this will enable them to stand out from the crowd for their further education and future career!