Rebecca Lin

Class of 2013 Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)
Member of the NYP Mentoring Club
SkillsFuture Study Awards for Social Service Sector
NYP Alumni Contribution Award Recipient
National Council of Social Services (NCSS) Social Work Associate Training Sponsorship
Pei Hwa Secondary School Scholarship Award


Rebecca graduated from NYP Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) in 2013. She is currently working as a social worker in a family violence specialist centre - TRANS SAFE Centre. Together with her colleagues, they run a Community Legal Clinic for the Vulnerable Adults providing social and emotional support for the vulnerable persons and their families.


What inspired you to become a social worker?

Since young, my siblings and I were in contact with many social workers and volunteers who encourages us to participate in meaningful and fun activities. I remember looking up to them as they guided us during our growing up years and taught us many life lessons that cannot be learnt in schools.

I remember vividly that on one occasion, a volunteer brought us for a meal at Pizza Hut. We were very thankful and promised to return the treat when we grow up.  Instead of accepting it, he requested for us to pay it forward to someone else who can also share this joy. These words were etched on my mind and motivated me to take up Social Work after I had completed my O levels.  


What was your biggest takeaway from NYP?

My biggest takeaway from NYP is to be innovative and adventurous. During my Polytechnic years, I always found our social work projects interesting. It allows us to explore many possibilities and ideas in what we can offer to the community! Till today, I bring these values to work and strive to come up with fresh and effective projects to serve the community.


What was the most memorable times in NYP?

Times with the lecturers were the best! They are nurturing, patient and supportive of their students. They never failed to show their genuine care and love for the students and community. If I can give them a grade, they will get an A*. They will always be my role models. 


How do you stay connected with NYP?

Hoping to inspire potential students who are passionate about Social Work to join the force, I volunteered in the NYP Open House to share my story and experiences.

I’ve also been working closely with the School of Health and Social Sciences to conduct pre-placement briefing (for the Social Work students) and provide training on Elder Abuse and Family Violence. 

In 2017, I started NYP Social Work Alumni Chapter (SWAC) with the NYP Social Work Alumni. We conduct programmes and outreach activities for the needy. Such activities include distributing goodies bags to isolated elderly in rental flats in hoping to increase their socialization and visibility in the community and a Toy Project to collect toys for children from low income families.

Through these activities, we hope to build on the synergy of the alumni while serving the community.