Roopa Niedu


Diploma in Business Intelligence and Analytics 
School of Information Technology



I wouldn't have put NYP as my first choice if not for the Open House I had attended. I had the opportunity to interact with students and lecturers there, who were extremely passionate in what they were respectively learning and teaching. That was when I knew that this nurturing environment in NYP would be the best one for me.

NYP provides various types of opportunities and experiences for students to enjoy. One of my favourite things about NYP was the fact that students get the chance to learn a third language. I studied French for two years under the guidance of my amazing French teacher and even attained a certification for it!

I chose my diploma due to my interest in the field of Analytics. I do consider myself to be rather lucky for having lecturers who were very supportive and who devoted themselves to ensure that I was able to the understand the concepts taught. The knowledge I gained proved extremely useful during my internship stint at a leading analytics company, where I worked on several innovative industry projects.

CCAs were a great distraction from the hustle and bustle of academics. I learned and experienced so many new things such as developing my photography skills and participating as a motivator in NDP 2019. It was also a great way to meet like-minded peers!

Never be afraid of trying out new things! Polytechnic is absolutely the time to experiment and break out of your comfort zone.