Shangeeta Tasha Ram

Class of 2011 Diploma in Banking & Financial Services

Director, FemalesFirst

Shangeeta graduated from the Diploma in Banking & Financial Services course in 2011. She started FemalesFirst, an online retail store for traditional and indo-western outfits, jewellery and fabrics.


What have you been up to since you first graduated?

I always believed that an ideal work life should be one that spurs you on and makes you jump out of bed in excitement ready for work every morning. I knew that being my own boss was what I would like to pursue.

Upon graduating from University, I decided to transform what was once considered a hobby into a full-fledged business and career for myself, so I started FemalesFirst.  I’m thankful for both the in-house and industrial attachment programmes that NYP School of Business Management offered which gave me better insights and the confidence to embark on my journey as an entrepreneur.


What was the most memorable moment you had in NYP?

There were many memorable moments that I cherish, especially those days spent with my friends and lecturers at our favourite hangouts in NYP - the café at the library and the canteens.

Prepping for the annual ‘ICG Tea-Party’ was quite an unforgettable experience. Everyone got involved and worked together as a family.  I am thankful for the ample opportunities NYP offered. Through these experiences, I was able to prove myself and to push my boundaries. Everyone in NYP was supportive and helpful and the campus felt like second home. My days in NYP was significant in helping me transition into the real working world.


What excites you about your business?

My business has expanded over the years and I’ve also started to conduct workshops overseas. FemalesFirst has also gained popularity among international buyers.

The opportunities for growth and exposure excite me and spurs me on. I was delighted when we were approached to be the official sponsor for celebrities who come from India for their performances in Singapore.

It’s not just about business and serious work. We are really glad to be given the opportunity to fund underprivileged children in a town in Sri Lanka.


Have you come back to your alma mater since your graduation?

I was invited back to speak about my journey as an Entrepreneur at the School of Chemical and Life Sciences. I am glad to be able to inspire the students to pursue their dreams.

I would love to come back to continue giving such talks and encourage our students to pursue their passion.


Do you have any words of advice for juniors?

I always believed that the ‘Attitude of an individual will always determine the Altitude of his Achievements.’ Even in the face of adversity, if you possess the resilience and the right attitude, you will never fail. Success might take longer, but it is right there if you keep working diligently towards it.