Teo Jia Liang

Diploma in Business Management (Class of 2023)

Meet Teo Jia Liang, a recent graduate from the Diploma in Business Management with Specialisation in Retail & E-commerce and International Business programme. Jia Liang was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Students' Union as well as a recipient of the NYP STAR Awards 2023 – Distinction award. We caught up with Jia Liang to find out more about his school experiences and what he misses most about NYP.

What strategies have you found most effective in managing your time and prioritising your responsibilities in school that you think would help you in your career or further studies?

Having a reliable group of motivated friends has been instrumental in helping me stay on track and accountable for completing my ICAs. The strength of this support system lies in our ability to assist and encourage one another as we journey together. Additionally, I have adopted the Eisenhower Matrix as a strategy for prioritizing my tasks, which I learned from my internship supervisor. This technique involves ranking the urgency and importance of my daily tasks in order of priority, allowing me to focus first on the most critical tasks and minimize procrastination.

How has your experience at your school shaped your personal and professional goals?

NYP has provided me with numerous opportunities, ranging from participating in various business challenges to learning essential business modules such as entrepreneurship. These experiences have enabled me to run my own businesses with my classmates, starting from conceptualizing business plans to presenting our ideas to potential investors / judges. Through these activities, I have gained insights into my potential future career and discovered my passion for entrepreneurship, ultimately shaping my life goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Can you share some specific memories or experiences at our school that you cherish the most?

One of the most memorable experiences I had during my time at NYP was the NYPxBasCII International Student Boot Camp, which spanned over 14 days, including four days of virtual sessions and ten days in Bangkok. What made the experience so special was the people I met. During the programme, I connected with numerous individuals who shared my entrepreneurial drive, and it was heart-warming to be surrounded by like-minded individuals as we discovered our passions together.

Working with people from diverse backgrounds was challenging. However, our efforts paid off when we were awarded second place in the final pitch. Besides that, we also went on multiple trips outside of the boot camp and created even more priceless memories.

I entered the boot camp with no friends and left with more than 20 individuals whom I was grateful to have met. The experience not only enriched my personal life but also broadened my perspective on entrepreneurship and collaboration, and I will cherish it forever.

As a fresh graduate, what do you miss most about NYP?

I will deeply miss my lecturers and the valuable insights they shared in their classes. Whenever I feel uncertain about my direction in life, I can always count on my PEM, Ms. Cheng, my entrepreneurship lecturer, Mr. Benson, and my CCA advisor, Mr. Calvin, to guide me with their wisdom and experience. I am immensely grateful for their unwavering support and advice, which allows me to gain a holistic understanding and make informed decisions.

I miss attending their classes as their sharing on their real-life experiences made the lessons more engaging and impactful. An example would be from Mr Calvin, who shared that in business, you should always try to be their friend and gain their trust first before jumping into business with them. I have adopted this principle in my practice, and I have benefitted from this advice. Indeed, I believe that the mentorship I received from my PEM, lecturer and CCA advisor has contributed to my personal growth and development.

In what ways do you think you could stay connected with your alma mater?

Staying connected to my alma mater, NYP, is important to me. I plan to do so by maintaining contact with my juniors and lecturers. I am grateful to have developed close relationships with many of them, and I know that I can reach out to them anytime to catch up over coffee or a meal.

By keeping in touch with my juniors, I can provide them with guidance and support, just as my seniors did for me during my time at NYP. Additionally, staying connected with my lecturers will allow me to continue learning from them and gain valuable insights into my field of study. I believe that maintaining these relationships will not only benefit me personally but also contribute to the NYP community.

Photo of Jia Liang and his PEM, courtesy of Jia Liang.
Teo Jia Liang
Written by:
The Communicators (NYP CCA club)
Cabrillos Jiali Balahadia
Year 3, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science.