Login to access the following e-Services: 

  • Request for Academic Transcript
  • Request for CCA Transcript
  • Request for Replacement Certificate

To Login: 
Your Username = Your NRIC/Passport number (eg. SXXXXXXXZ)

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to alumni web portal (if you have not done so).
  2. Click on the relevant e-Service.
  3. You will be prompted to check your mailing address (ensure this is correct as the Academic and CCA Transcript would be mailed to you at this address. The replacement certificate will be ready for collection at i@Central in 4 working days after the day of request).
  4. Enter the number of copies required (for Academic and CCA Transcript).
  5. Click 'Submit and Make Payment' (there is an admin fee of $5.35 (inclusive of GST) for each copy of the Academic and CCA transcript and $21.40 (inclusive of GST) for the replacement certificate). Note: e-NETS maintenance schedule for 2019.
  6. Click on the eNets logo to proceed to make payment. Follow the instructions online.

Other e-Services

Letter of certification for successful completion of course