SGUnited Skills Programme

The SGUnited Skills Programme is designed in partnership with the industry to help learners acquire industry-relevant skills and knowledge which will improve their employability. Programmes are conducted on a full-time basis ranging from six to 12 months, and their modular format gives learners the flexibility to exit the programme once they have found a job. SGUS learners will receive a monthly* training allowance of up to $1,200 for the duration of training.


SGUnited Skills Programme (Retail)

To enhance your employability to take on new or enhanced job opportunities in the retail and new sectors as the economy recovers, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) has rolled out 2 courses under the SGUnited Skills Programme.

Trainees will receive career advisory, guidance and employment placement assistance from SIRS at no cost. What's more, trainees will also enjoy close to 100% subsidised course fee and up to $7,200 of training allowance during the programme.*


Work-Study Programme

Embark on the Work-Study Programme offered by NYP to get the best of both worlds. While getting a head-start in careers related to your discipline of study, you get to enjoy opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge acquired in school through a work-study arrangement.

Check out the various Work-Study Programmes at NYP, ranging from Work-Study Certificate (leading to a Diploma) to Advanced or Specialist Diploma in areas such as Biomedical Sciences, Media, Design, Electronics, Environmental Management, Food Services, Healthcare, Human Resources, IT, Medical Technology, Precision Engineering, Retail and Tourism.

MySkillsFuture Portal

Explore this one-stop portal offered by SkillsFuture Singapore to make informed learning and career choices so that you can pursue your skills and career development.

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Lifelong Learning @ NYP

Whether you are looking for a career change, professional advancement, or to pursue a personal interest, learning never stops. NYP offers a range of lifelong learning opportunities, and invites alumni to continue their learning through our ongoing programmes, courses, and events.

Further Education

Do you want to further your studies? Your NYP diploma will open doors for you both locally and overseas. Many of our graduates have gone on to complete their degrees at universities that offer advanced standing and credit transfers for admission into their degree programmes. Find out more about the further education options by clicking on the button below.