Dear NYP Alumni,

Our alumni are one of NYP’s greatest strengths. I always appreciate the advice, insights and counsel our alumni provide, as we face new challenges and opportunities when disruptions are happening at an accelerating pace. I’m so deeply grateful to the alumni community for your support, from the sharing of your time and talent through key initiatives such as the Student Life Academy Lunch Time Talks, business networking engagements, mentorship and internship opportunities for our learners, among others.

The past two years have been difficult ones for us all. COVID-19 has changed the way we operate in both business and social settings, and as we move forward and into recovery, let us step bravely into a new world, with fearless determination and resilience. Let us embrace a new era of digital transformation and lifelong learning as we face a new normal. During these challenging times, know that you have a community behind you.

Here are some support and engagement programmes you can partner or stay connected with us:


Advancements in technologies and global developments have already mandated a change in the way we live, work and learn. We have to be prepared to constantly learn and relearn. NYP offers Continuing Education and Training (CET) under these divisions: the Asian Culinary Institute (ACI), the Centre for Industry & Lifelong Learning (CIL3) and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS). As learning is continuous and lifelong, let NYP be your partner of choice. NYP Alumni enjoy a 10% discount on course fees for selected public short courses by NYP. Check out other funding incentives available here.


Without correct contact information, we can't keep you up to date on all the great things you can be involved in! Update your contact information here.


Come back to campus and participate in alumni events such as class reunions, networking sessions, talks and workshops, concerts, sporting events, and more.


Volunteer your time and talents by mentoring a student, sharing your experiences, doing an informational fireside chat, hosting a company site visit, and more.

Drop us an email at for more information; or give us your feedback on how we can serve you better.

I look forward to seeing you again, either online or in person at virtual and live events, when possible. Until then, stay healthy and be well.

All the best,
Lina Chong
Director for Student Development and Alumni Relations
Nanyang Polytechnic