NYP is part of the OpenCerts Project led by the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) and SkillsFuture Singapore. Under this initiative, graduates from Class of 2010 onwards receive Opencerts (which are digital credentials secured by blockchain technology), in addition to the physical certificates and academic transcripts.  

The OpenCerts file issued by NYP include:

For Graduates from our Full-time Diplomas

  • Diploma certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • Diploma-plus transcript (if any)

For Graduates from our Poly Foundation Programme (PFP)

  • PFP certificate
  • Academic transcript

For Graduates from our Lifelong Learning Full Qualification Courses

  • Diploma certificate
  • Modular or Post-diploma certificates
  • Academic transcript


  • Secure & Tamper-Proof
  • 24/7 access anytime, anywhere
  • Immediate verification through self-service

How it Works (For Graduates)

  1. Login to your MySkillsFuture skills passport using Singpass or PortalID (For international students, kindly refer to the guide on  retrieving your digital credential from MySkillsFuture Portal).
  2. View your NYP Certification
  3. Click the OpenCerts file
  4. On the OpenCert s viewer page, navigate to top right corner, click the ‘Send’ button (envelope icon) and key in the email address to send to (university or prospective employer).

How it Works (For Employers & Universities)

  1. Obtain the certificate in OpenCerts file from your applicant
  2. Verify the certificate by dropping the OpenCerts file on the OpenCerts website.

Please email if you have any questions about this OpenCerts initiative.



What is OpenCerts Blockchain platform?

OpenCerts is the umbrella trademark and the platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain technology to generate cryptographic protections for educational credentials issued by legitimate issuing institutions. Nanyang Polytechnic is one of the legitimate issuing institutions on the OpenCerts platform. For more information on OpenCerts project, please visit SkillsFuture FAQ page.

Can I rename my OpenCerts file?

You may rename your OpenCerts file but you must retain the file extension (.opencert).

Can I use any Internet browser to view OpenCerts website?

The OpenCerts website can be viewed using Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers.

Can NYP assist to verify Diploma certificates and transcripts for Nanyang Polytechnic Class of 2010 onwards?

Verification of Diploma certificates and transcripts for Nanyang Polytechnic Class of 2010 onwards will be self-service through OpenCerts only.