JumpStart Programme for Alumni

JumpStart Programme aims to provide learners and alumni with guidance and support to ready pre- and nascent startup for market entry. This programme comprises of 2 Preparatory Workshops and a bridging grant up to $10,000 to kick start your business.

1) Wondering if Entrepreneurship is for you? What are the key elements in a business to get started? Come join us in our Preparatory Workshop 1 on 12 April 2023.

2) Having a buzzing business idea in your head? Pick up useful tips on how you could turn it into a reality in our Preparatory Workshop 2 with a potential $10K grant to be awarded.  Workshop 2 will be conducted on 29 April 2023.  

*Please note that attendance for workshop 2 is compulsory for those who wish to pitch for JumpStart $10K grant. Pitch Day is on 12 May 2023.

This programme is open to PET (full-time Diploma) and CET (Part-time Diploma, Specialist Diploma, Advanced Diploma under MOE CET Academic framework) learners, and NYP alumni (graduates of formal award qualifications).


MakerSpace Residency Programme for Alumni

MakerSpaceNYP invites NYP alumni to sign up for the MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme. We are looking to provide the facilities and space to support our alumni who have business ideas and require the necessary facilities to build physical prototypes. 

Career Mentorship Programme

This programme enables students/recent graduates to attend a networking session where they get to meet volunteer NYP alumni Career Guides who have at least 5 years of industry experience and have the opportunity to be matched with one of them to continue the mentorship journey.