Course & Career Consultations

Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium Lobby

Business, IT or aerospace? Biotech or nursing? Design or animation? Choose from over 40 diploma courses and common entry programmes at NYP. If you are still exploring your options, check out our Common Business Programme, Common ICT Programme and the Common Engineering Programme – they give you a strong foundation, and let you discover your preference. 

Meet our lecturers who can help you make the best out of your 12 Choices for the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), or tell you about the advantages of the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP). 

Our student ambassadors are on hand for questions about the NYP brand of student life and learning.


Guided Tours

Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium Lobby

Join our campus tours to explore NYP’s state-of-the-art facilities and inspiring learning environment. Check out hands-on activities and showcases lined up by our Schools, and see what a poly environment and learning style entails.

NYP Scholarships Programmes

Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium Lobby

We recognise students with outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and active CCA participation. Join our scholarships talks and seminars: learn more about the prestigious and bond-free scholarships awarded by NYP and our distinguished industry partners. Our students and alumni will also be on hand to share their journeys and experiences here @NYP, and how we prepared them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Scholarships Talk @ School of Engineering
    Session : Sat, 11 Jan (11.00am – 12.30pm)
    Venue    : Blk R, Level 3 (LTR-1)
    Join a tour of the School’s myriad of labs featuring advanced technology.

  • Scholarships Seminar @ School of IT
    Session : Sat, 11 Jan (11am - 1pm)
    Venue    : Blk L, Level 3 (Conference Room L.319)
    Tour our Centre for IT Innovation and check out cutting-edge projects done by our students.


A Taste of Student Life

Blk A, Level 1, Atrium Stage | Bk T, T-junction

Take a break and challenge your buddy to a round of pool or maybe a video game. Hit our modern gym and fitness studios to stay fit. You will also get to play floorball, frisbee or table tennis outside the T-junction. Visit NYP’s T-Junction to discover more.

Explore the lively diversity of CCAs ranging from arts, sports, leadership to community services.

There will also be student-talent performances at the Atrium stage – get ready to be wowed!



Night Open House | 6pm - 11pm

Avoid the FOMO! Come and experience NYP in a different light.

Course & Career Consultations

6-11pm | Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium Lobby

Find out more about your preferred diploma course, and where it can take you.


Party with Us!

6.00pm - 7.30pm | Blk A, Level 1, Atrium Stage

Performances, lights & vibes! Jive the night away with Benjamin Kheng and Fariz Jabba, our homegrown musicians.
Don’t miss the performances by Foreign Bodies (our award-winning dance group) and meet Dee Kosh POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJ and Ivy 88.3JIA DJ. 


Choices After 'O's Parents' Seminar

7.00pm - 8.40pm | Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium

Parents and students – get valuable tips on course selections. Learn how to stack your 12 choices wisely, and get further insights through an exclusive Q&A with NYP’s Principal & CEO. An educator with over two decades’ experience in the poly sector, Ms Jeanne Liew is able to tell it like it is, and what it will take for your child to succeed.

Join our campus tours to explore NYP’s state-of-the-art facilities and inspiring learning environment after the talk.



Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Parents' Talk

Blk A, Level 1, Auditorium

Calling all parents – Is your teenager a Doer, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader or Organiser?

Register for the ECG Parents' Talk "Discover Your Teen's Strengths and Career Interests" –  learn how you can support their career aspirations and guide them through their education and career choices. You’ll have opportunities to consult our professional counsellors on the best approaches.
        • Session 1: Fri, 10 Jan (9-10pm)
        • Session 2: Sat, 11 Jan (2-3pm)


Activities & Showcases

Visit our Schools to check out our industry-standard facilities and impressive project showcases. 
Then, have fun with our exciting hands-on activities and rewarding games.
Chat with our student ambassadors and be inspired by their learning experiences!

School of Business Management

Blk A, Level 2 | Blk B, Level 2 | Blk D1 | Blk T

Check out our seven exciting Business diplomas, the Common Business Programme and overseas study opportunities. Explore career options with our lecturers and student ambassadors. Experience our blended learning in a live classroom, and tour our unique Teaching Enterprise Project Centres: the Customer Experience & Analytics Centre, Omni-Channel Retail Centre, training restaurant and café, industry-standard media studio and a full-fledged gym. Capture IG-able moments and upload the photos to redeem an exclusive t-shirt!

School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Blk Q, Levels 2 & 7

Come, journey with us to learn how science improves lives. Find out how medicines can be extracted from natural sources, and how cancer drugs can be manufactured from living cells. Test the quality of your medicines in a chemical plant. Discover what goes on behind the dispensing of medicines and specialised patient-counselling. Science also goes onto the preparation and testing of food. Interested in creating new culinary options? Learn how we created an award-winning sauce – and taste it for yourselves! Can you unravel the secret recipe?

School of Design

Blk R, Levels 2 & 6

Experience nature at a bamboo installation designed and built by our students. Be wowed by designs coming alive via AR technology. Check out our industry and award-winning projects as you move along the bamboo tunnel. Discover how our unique learning journey help shape innovative and creative designers of the future.

School of Engineering

Blk S, Levels 1 & 2 | Blk N1

Join our Engineering Superheroes in their quests to save the world. Climb on board a fully functioning aircraft built by our students. Feel the thrill of piloting an A320 with our flight simulator. Meet and interact with Cruzr, our cloud-based intelligent service robot. He may be able to help you to choose your Engineering course! Finally, don’t miss the Night Flight Extravaganza – performed by our illuminated dancing drones during the Night Open House.

School of Health & Social Sciences

Blk K, Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 | Blk H, Level 5

Nurses play a critical role in our nation, and healthcare system – they administer medicines, perform CPR, help to bring babies into the world, and more. Come and learn all about your future possibilities. Meanwhile, our social work students will teach you how to draw a Genogram – an important tool used by professionals in assessing family relationships. Finally, get to clean teeth models with dental apparatus, and find out if you have what it takes to be an oral health therapist.

School of Information Technology

Blk L, Level 2

Imagine being Professor X: Fly a drone, using only a device that can sense your brainwaves! Next, own a Picasso-style painting of yourself by having our AI app paint a portrait of you. Then, be a hacker and challenge yourself to a code-breaking game – and see if you’re cut out to be a cybersecurity pro. Finally, check out the exciting possibilities our IT courses can offer you, using AR no less.

School of Interactive & Digital Media

Blk M, Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Enter the world of creative arts and technology, game design, interactive installations, digital visual effects and motion graphics. Learn how multisensory digital experiences turn dreams into reality. Check out our live demos on the latest augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) technology – have fun with our VR games and get immersed in interactive VR experiences. And, don’t miss our students’ live drawing projection at the Night Open House!

General Studies & Foreign Language

Blk A, Level 2 (corridor outside Koufu)Theatre for the Arts (TFA) Lobby & Function room

Konnichiwa, Annyeonghaseyo, Salut, Hallo! Check out our Foreign Language exhibits and taster workshops. Explore subject fields outside your curriculum with our General Studies programme. Shoot some hoops at our Sports and Wellness booth, fish for water balloons at the Japanese Culture booth or design your very own decorative cards for your loved ones. Whatever your interests are, there’s something for everyone right here!


Blk P, Level 2

Go Green @ MakerSpaceNYP! Pop by our Makers Playground and check out the cool projects made from cardboard. Then, save the earth, and say goodbye to plastic bags by personalising your own cup carrier!


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