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Aden Chung Wee Jing
Diploma in Business Enterprise IT
Graduated 2012
School of Information Technology

I Take Down Hackers

I’m a Threat Hunter. Yes, that is my actual job title.

I work at F-secure Countercept, a leading cybersecurity firm with a worldwide presence. My job? To battle live attackers and track malicious activities to protect my clients’ cyber estates.

How did I get this job? Well it started with my passion for all things IT. When I was in secondary school, I attended some IT courses at NYP. That sparked my interest. I wanted to learn how to programme and engage with technology.

So I enrolled into NYP’s Diploma in Business Enterprise IT. During my three years in poly, I honed my foundational IT skills. Then I pursued my degree in Information Systems at NUS.

After graduation, I got drawn to defensive security. Cybersecurity seemed ever changing and challenging. When I chanced upon this F-secure Countercept position, I realised that they have a really strong team, and decided to apply for it.

Working as a Threat Hunter has been very fulfilling. I mean, there’s nothing like the constant excitement of battling threat actors.

Since then, I’ve had many opportunities to improve and up-skill myself.

I was even invited to speak about attack detection at DEF CON 2019 one of the world’s largest and most notable hacking conferences. Such an honour!

NYP has made my IT journey a LIT and successful one. For that, I am always grateful.

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Darien Kwek
Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science
Graduated 2014
School of Engineering

From Poly to PhD

I could have gone to a junior college with my O-level results. But I really wanted to deep-dive into a topic that I was really interested in – nanotechnology. Yeah, I first heard about it in secondary school and was really keen to learn more about it. When it came time to choose my tertiary path, I chose NYP because it was the only poly that had a diploma course with “nanotechnology” in its name.

So, I enrolled in NYP, thinking “Okay, let’s study, graduate and get a good job in this field.” Somewhere along the way, things changed. I LOVED what I was learning in NYP. More than tinkering, building, doing… I totally enjoyed learning the theory, and then getting hands-on for projects. I was bitten by the academic bug and I wanted more.

I approached my lecturers for their advice on what I should do after graduation. After many consultations with them, I made up my mind to go to university. Fast forward five years later, I graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Honours (Highest Distinction) in Materials Engineering and have just started on my PhD journey. I hope to teach, educate, and inspire students like myself someday.

Thanks to the guidance and support of my lecturers, I’ve found my purpose in life.

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Teo Wei Yong
Diploma in Digital Media Design
Graduated 2004
School of Interactive & Digital Media

I Kickstarted My Journey in NYP

Bet no one was more surprised than me when it was announced that I won Best Original Film Score at the 56th Golden Horse Awards in December. I was floored, I even beat out an Oscar-winning composer.

*shocked moment*

Ok, moment over and it’s back to real life where I specialise in creating the perfect music score for films. In short, I’m a composer.

But I came to NYP to learn and work on animation. But here’s the cool thing, I got to scoring and composing soundtracks because my classmates needed scores for their animated films and features. My lecturers saw that passion, and they helped me pursue that line of work. That’s what its about. The opportunities to grow and the lecturers who believe in you and help you find your voice and art.

The training and solid foundation that NYP provided prepared me well for the creative industry. I still remember the times my friends and I spent in the animation room till late at night, working on our projects. In fact, I’m still inspired by what I learned about animation and filmmaking while in NYP.

It was here that I first realised the value of a strong work ethic.

NYP was my first real challenge in life. I missed the cut-off points for my desired NYP course by one point (yes, ONE POINT). But they had another admissions exercise that involved an interview process. So, I worked extremely hard to make sure that my portfolio was on point. It paid off. And, here I am.

I just want say that I am glad I brought the Golden Horse award back to Singapore. I am super glad my lecturers are still cheering me on. Thanks NYP – for believing in me. 

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