Learning is fun! During lessons, we don’t just hit the books, but get to try out new ideas. Beyond the classroom, you will get to organise mega-events or even make your own furniture. 

Chantz Poon
Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
School of Engineering
Vice-president, Makers Innovators Tribe

Welcome to My Playground

Figuring out how things are made or how they work makes me tick.

That’s why I’ve been with the Makers Innovators Tribe, a CCA for students who love to tinker, since my first year in NYP.

Our playground?

NYP MakerSpace, a huge space with loads of cool tools and materials (3D printers, sound booths, arduinos, and did I mention a fish tank?).

But it's more than just a hobby, NYP MakerSpace also has cool workshops, study trips to the region, and loads of coaches who can help us with our prototypes – even developing them into business ideas.

The best thing for me is still hanging out with my mates and tinkering.

In early 2019, we had this super cool idea to make a claw machine for Open House 2019. I mean, everybody loves claw machines, right? 😁 Ohmygosh IT WAS AWESOME seeing players so engrossed with it!

I’ve been given opportunities to host workshops here at Makerspace. I ran one centred around cardboard, and we built a bunch of things. You transform plain vanilla flat cardboard into amazing things – am making a bunch of furniture pieces at the moment: I now have 3 chairs, a desk, 3 stools and a small table. And yes, they are fully functional… one of my larger friends (125kg) took up the challenge and the furniture passed with flying colours.

I’m also working on a giant cardboard piece for Open House 2020. (Pop by and see it! Jan 09-11)

What would I do if I had all the cardboard in the world to do stuff? A large-scale glider model!

My dream project?

Building my own home with a large backyard and my own aircraft, with proper materials of course 😁 Not cardboard!

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Jerome Kok
Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
School of Engineering
Was part of the team which organised this mega party

I Organised a Mega Party for My Juniors

5,000 students dancing our hearts out.

The DJ was dropping the sickest beats.

It was a rave dance party like no other.

Because it was an exclusive gig just for NYP freshmen!!!

And I was part of the team that made it happen in April 2019.

So what does it take to organise a mega party? Lots of planning and loads of support. First, props to the staff of NYP who worked with us to realise our vision. I mean how many schools support, and pay for, the best dance party you can imagine, and for ALL the freshmen right?

Our gigantic sports hall was darkened for the night and kitted out with UV lights. The dance party (which now happens each year, so incoming freshmen, you are in for a treat #psa) is meant to be like a finale to the series of orientation activities in April.

Then I learnt you really need to deal with the details: publicity, ticketing, door gifts, food, crowd control, music and inflatables (including a giant ball pit!). I worked with one of our CCAs called Live Audio – (which is all about learning to spin and perform) they were in charge of assisting the DJs (yes, we hired DJs! They were Tinc, Tech 1 and Twins Gone Wrong).

Did I mention having to figure out about 200 volunteers too?

Organising this event was actually quite FUN! I enjoyed seeing how everyone worked together to make the party work, even though we are from different Schools and backgrounds. And eventually, we pulled it off! All 17 of us who worked so hard to make this party happen. I was so proud of my team mates. And when I saw how my juniors enjoyed themselves, it was all worth it.

It was definitely one of my best NYP moments. EVER. It taught me a lot.

That’s what NYP does, because learning goes beyond the classroom here – and there are opportunities here to help us grow. The staffers from the Student Development and Alumni Relations department were awesome and were with us 110%. I loved my experience. Am so proud of this.

I hope to see the next batch of freshmen soon. We’ll have a happening party waiting for you too.

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Tricia Kuai
Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition
Graduated 2019
School of Chemical & Life Sciences
Seated (second from left) and her classmates with their final product

It’s a Sweet Surprise

What course gives you the opportunity to try out all kinds of yummy food in a bid to understand how ingredients go together? Mine!

Armed with the knowledge, us students at the Food Science & Nutrition course get to do pretty awesome projects. Like competing with dairy giants like Haagen Daz (!) and Meiji (!!) at the World Innovation Dairy Awards.

So it started with a module where we learnt about flavour profiles and getting textures right (by the way, making yoghurt is harder than making ice cream because it can’t get icy but it shouldn’t melt too fast either). And getting it right means trying and testing. And testing and testing.

But when you nail it? Ohhhhh it’s good. Ours was a bite-sized yoghurt treat with hints of chrysanthemum, fruits and chia seeds. We named it Aloha Bliss Frozen Yoghurt.

Our lecturers then opened this opportunity to enter the competition: when we found out about the giants we’d be up against, we quickly went back to refine our project.

It took three months of pretty intense work, but we WON Best Dairy Snack (against five other contenders!) Yaaaaaaaas! It was a brilliant experience, we learnt what it takes for a product to go from development to market; the packaging, as well as shelf life and marketing considerations.

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