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We Bare Bear
Emelda Ferisna Feroz Khan
Diploma in Mass Media Management
Graduated 2019
School of Business Management

Our Date with We Bare Bears

It all started when my lecturer told us about a chance to work with the Cartoon Network. I was thrilled! It was my default channel when I was a kid, and the thought that I would be working with them? Pretty surreal.

The task? To promote the We Bare Bears Asia Tour 2019. Making three bears look fun, cute and exciting - sounds easy, right? 

It was nerve wracking.

First, we had to pitch our ideas to the Cartoon Network team. Only five groups were selected (mine was one of them): Our idea was to replace the bears in the cartoon opening sequence with the mascots. Since there were only three members in our team, we had to double up our roles. I was both producer and the artist manager.

Did I mention that we only had ONE DAY (!!!) to shoot with the bears? And while working on this project, we also had to finish our Final Year Project? Oh, the anxiety!

But. We. Survived.

Not only that – we excelled.

When push comes to shove, it pretty much showed us that our training, and the skills we acquired, were more than up to the task. Yes, it was stressful because it was a real-life project and we were working with the network’s executives, but also, so, so much fun! The mascots were cooperative and sporting. When we asked them to waddle outside NYP’s T-Junction (that’s our student hangout where we can jam, play computer games or belt out some karaoke), the bears did it readily! It turned out to be a beautiful shot.

I've got to admit, this was one of the best projects I've done. I’m chuffed that our school has the contacts within the industry to make opportunities like this come true.

And oh! When the videos were launched, heh, we got to feel what it’s like being a YouTube star too! Our video got almost 40,000 views. Not bad at all eh?

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Hugo Chia Yong Zhi
Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
School of Information Technology

Acing it at IBM Toronto

The plan was for me to do my overseas internship in a German university. But my lecturer sprung a surprise on me. She said I could go further North instead to intern at one of the world’s Top 5 IT companies. Only caveat? She wouldn’t tell me exactly where it will be.

Guess what? I took her up on it anyway. I mean, YOLO right? (Turns out the secrecy was because they were still working out the deets – but I still marvel at this: my lecturers have an in with one of the world’s biggest companies and the company was willing to give us a spot in one of their most advanced facilities?! Fwah.)

I was posted to the IBM Center for Advanced Studies in Toronto, Canada. I spent three months there working on cutting-edge research projects. It was truly an amazing experience. I picked up many invaluable skills. Beyond the technical, I got to hone my “soft” skills – you need to be an effective and persuasive communicator when you’re working with some of the best minds in the business!

There’s a very self-driven, motivated and multicultural environment at IBM, and that helped to sharpen my cultural sensitivity and my own confidence.

Having a fellow course mate on this internship was also reassuring. We had hit many technical roadblocks. We had to solve tough problems while managing pressure and stress. Luckily, we also had great guidance from our manager at IBM.

We didn’t have much free time on weekdays. So we headed out on weekends to travel around Canada, squeezing in memorable trips to Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Check out our blog here.

I overcame the culture shock, got out of my comfort zone, broadened my perspective and became a more mature person. 😉

Props though to NYP and my lecturers for this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Esther Teo
Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology
Graduated 2019
School of Chemical & Life Sciences

My Internship Was LIT!

I really wanted a meaningful internship. There are all these urban legends about interns getting mail and making coffee, right? Yikes. It’s months of my life at stake, and a really important bit of my poly experience after all.

But I actually had nothing to worry about: My internship company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies.

We got the opportunity as NYP has a great working relationship with them. And GSK had an awesome training plan for interns, which meant I had weeks of training and observation before it came time for me to “just do it”.

I gonna 'fess here: I was nervous… Who wouldn’t be?! We’re talking millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and they’re letting me, an intern, operate it? That spoke volumes of the level of trust they had in my skills, the poly’s training, and in me. It motivated me to work hard. I familiarised myself with the processes, and pretty quickly, I was able to handle them on my own. My supervisor recognised my potential and recommended that I extend my internship: And I was totally game for it.

The extra months meant I built up my workplace skills, I also troubleshot real-life work problems and worked on several inter-department projects.

Out of all that, I won an award for best internship performance. I am now a full-time manufacturing biotechnologist in another multi-national company. The skills and knowledge I picked up during my enhanced internship made for a much easier transition into my current role.

So, talking about lit classrooms? This internship would be totally be it.

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Nur Rasyiqah Zil Husham
Diploma in Visual Communication
School of Design

I Interned at Disney, y’all!

"AAAAHHHHHH!!! People. Are. Buying. Them!"

That was legit my reaction when I saw the Disney Tsum Tsum River Escapade products on sale at a physical store. No, I’m not a full-time employee at Disney. I’m a Visual Communication student from NYP’s School of Design. And I was an intern designer with the Creative team at Disney Singapore’s consumer products commercialisation department. This team is basically the creative brain behind the unique and super-cute Disney products available at retail. In fact, those merchandise (you may have seen them at the River Safari) I was talking about earlier – this team did it!

As their intern, I was mentored by the Creative team, was a part of their meetings, researched product trends, and had a chance to be work with these awesome designers who drafted the Tsum Tsum costume and product inspiration. And seeing how all that work turned into store merchandise was hands-down the BEST part of my internship experience at The Walt Disney Company (South East Asia).

My six-month internship was super fun, from start to end. Little secret: I was dead scared before joining the team… I mean, my colleagues are super pros and they’ve been working for years – and at Disney too! A huuuuge company! But they kept me going when I encountered stumbling blocks and constantly encouraged me.

I give props to the solid foundation that NYP gave me: I powered through to improve my designs. To my lecturers: Thank you for believing in me and guiding me through this experience!

@Disney, it was a ride! I enjoyed every bit of it. @NYP, thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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