PFP Graduates progressing to full-time Diploma Courses in AY 2023/24

AY 2023/24 Semester 1 Full-time Diploma Courses will commence on 17 April 2023.

This webpage caters to PFP students progressing to full-time diploma courses in AY2023/24.

Please login to the financial portal to indicate your options to apply for MOE Tuition Grant and Financing Scheme(s) by 17 April, 2023.

The login account is your current admission number and student portal (myNYP Portal) password.

MOE Tuition Grant Schemes

  • The Singapore Government, through the Ministry of Education (MOE) provides Tuition Grant (TG) to assist students in payment of the full course fees. All students who are eligible and accepting the MOE Tuition Grant need to apply for the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme.

  • For Singapore Permanent Resident and International Student, click here for details on the TG briefing and application (view under MOE Tuition Grant Scheme section).

  • If you are  not eligible / did not accept TG / did not complete the TG Agreement signing by the MOE Signing scheduled date, you will have to pay the full course fees and the GST for your studies in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

  • If you are company sponsored, you should still apply for MOE Tuition Grant unless your sponsoring company has specifically instructed that it will pay the full course fees and the GST. You are to confirm with your sponsoring company before enrolment deadline.  

Financing Schemes

  • Click here for full details on the various types of Financing Schemes you may apply to pay your fees (view under the Financing Schemes section). 

Financial Assistance for Notebook Purchase

  • To apply for Financial Assistance for Notebook Purchase, please click here > Financial Assistance for Notebook Purchases


Student Card

  • Please use the same student card that have been issued to you during your Foundation Programme. The card is compulsory for attendance taking, accessing facilities, book loan and during examination.


For further enquiries, please contact 6451 5115. For Financial matters, please contact 6550 0200.