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  • Rennie Yap Lin Hui
    Rennie Yap Lin Hui
    Diploma in Spatial Design, Class of 2019
    School of Design
    CHIJSt Joseph's Convent Alumna
    "I was set on studying spatial design. Hence I decided to work hard for my N-levels to qualify for the PFP so that I could get a head start in this course ahead of my peers. Not only did I pick up basic design skills before Year 1 of my diploma, I also explored the other design courses offered at NYP and got to learn from my peers during my foundation year. My PFP experience was very fun and filled with lots of laughter."
  • Zenden Quek Cher Yi
    Zenden Quek Cher Yi
    Diploma in Game Development & Technology, Class of 2018
    School of Interactive & Digital Media
    Evergreen Secondary School Alumnus
    "I have wonderful memories of my PFP year. It helped me transit smoothly from secondary school to polytechnic life where there were a lot more project work. I made many friends from other diplomas. I picked up skills and knowledge that would be relevant to the industry that I had always wanted to work in eventually - digital media. I have never regretted choosing NYP and the PFP. If not for NYP, I would not have a chance to intern at Ubisoft Singapore for six months!"
  • Samantha Poh En Ling
    Samantha Poh En Ling
    Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management, Class of 2018
    School of Engineering
    Paya Lebar Methodist Girl's School Alumna
    ''The PFP was really useful in helping me to adjust to poly life both academically and socially. I was able to build up a good foundation in physics - a new subject for me at that time - from scratch. Being a shy and introverted person by nature, I was thankful to have more time to get to know new friends and get familiarised with the campus life before I entered Year 1. NYP also provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow as a person in my three years here. For instance, I took part in the Overseas Internship Programme at ESIEE Paris in Year 3 where I was involved in the design and development of a flight simulator, and I learnt to be more independent through this overseas stint."
  • Subash S/O Thanasegeran
    Subash S/O Thanasegeran
    Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology, Class of 2018
    School of Chemical & Life Sciences
    Serangoon Secondary School Alumnus
    "Even before sitting for my N-levels, I already knew I wanted to take the polytechnic route. So when I realised that my N-level results were good enough for me to apply for the PFP, I thought, why not? As it turned out, the PFP was great for me not so much because it allowed me to skip the 0-levels. More importantly, it gave me time to think about my future career aspirations seriously, and helped me build a good foundation for my diploma."

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