About the Course

Defining the next generation of sport practitioners

The Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management is for you if you are keen to be part of Singapore’s next generation of sport business and wellness specialists.

Play an integral part in Singapore’s drive to promote sport as a way of life and get Singaporeans to champion their health. This unique course combines sport and business with hands-on experiences and real-world case studies. You will be equipped with professional and industry expertise to build a valuable portfolio, which is indispensable in today’s dynamic sporting world.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Community/Sport & Recreation Executive
    • Fitness Coach
    • Fitness Trainer
    • High Performance / High Participation Sport Executive
    • Operations Executive
    • Projects & Events Executive
    • Project Executive
    • Social & Recreation Executive
    • Sport Event Executive
    • Sport Manager
    • Sport & Leisure Executive
    • Sport & Recreation Executive
    • Wellness/Lifestyle Executive
  • Further Studies

    Our Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and overseas universities. Many of our graduates have also received advanced standing and credit transfers for admission to degree programmes at well-known universities.

Did You Know?

Fun Facts Video

Check out some cool fun facts about our Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management!

Sport and Wellness Management Pride at the Singapore Sports Awards Night 2018

Glamour OOTD by our SBM Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management student, alumni, and lecturer, at the Singapore Sports Awards Night, held at MBS on 18 July 2018.

Congrats to the National Women’s Floorball Team for winning the Team of the Year Award!

In the photo (from left to right) are players and coach from the National Women’s Floorball Team: Wilna, Hui Hui (alumni), and Louise Khng (alumnus and lecturer).

Also in the photo are Martina Veloso (student), Miki and Jinghui (alumni).

Helping Seniors Stay Fit and on Their Feet

Today, one in five Singaporeans is above the age of 65. And the number is set to rise rapidly. The challenge for Singapore is how we keep our elderly healthy and fit. Our Nursing and Sport & Wellness Management students from SHS and SBM embarked on a study to find ways to do so. SG Enable initiated the project, which involved 25 seniors from the SilverACE Senior Activity Center at Lengkok Bahru. The 12-week field research conducted by our students recently concluded at the Inclusive Gym at the Enabling Village. Data from the study showed that the elderly participants experienced positive outcomes, with many expressing an interest to continue the exercise programme on their own.

DSWM student, Martina Veloso, flies Singapore’s flag high in world shooting arena

Martina Veloso is our current Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management (DSWM) student who enrolled in 2016. She won Singapore's first shooting gold at the 2017 SEA Games and also represented Singapore in the ISSF World Cup, Youth Olympics, and Commonwealth Games. She is currently one of the world’s best and most promising talent in shooting.

Her passion for shooting started at the young age of 11, and she has since had to endure the tough journey of training 5 times a week. She is grateful to her lecturers and mentors who have given her full support and guidance. She is also thankful to have peers who are always cheering for her. All this has helped her to enjoy her learning experience at NYP.