About the Course

This is for you if you want to play an integral part in Singapore’s ambition to promote sport and wellness as a way of life. Be among Singapore’s next generation of sport business and wellness specialists. Lead our nation’s charge towards preventive care. Learn to manage and operate businesses.

This unique course combines sport, wellness and business through hands-on experiences, applied training and real-world case studies.

Be equipped with professional competencies to build a valuable portfolio. Your training will include enhanced internships and industry exposure to better prepare you for the workplace.

This diploma lets you . . .

  • Fuel your passion for sport, active lifestyle and healthy living. Enable others to pursue lifelong wellness goals.
  • Engage with lecturers and gain experience during hands-on practical trainings and internships.
  • Learn to become an agile team player and passionate sport and wellness practitioner in Singapore and the region.


  • Develop expertise in sport business, sport marketing and managing sport and hybrid events.
  • Cultivate a broad range of skills in sport coaching and deepen your knowledge in fitness training and exercise prescription.
  • Acquire capabilities in health coaching and develop skills in behaviour modification and wellness applications.

NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM) - its unique features

This diploma will be taught using the NYP-PCM starting AY2024.

Industry Relevance

Endorsed by industry leaders.

Professional Accreditation

You gain additional industry certifications while you complete your diploma, putting you ahead of the pack.

Agile Response

The curriculum reacts dynamically and quickly to industry changes. You'll be equipped with the latest skills & knowledge.

Integrated Learning

Concurrently learn multiple disciplines.

Course Structure

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Community/Sport & Recreation Executive
    • Fitness Coach
    • Fitness Trainer
    • High Performance / High Participation Sport Executive
    • Operations Executive
    • Projects & Events Executive
    • Project Executive
    • Social & Recreation Executive
    • Sport Event Executive
    • Sport Manager
    • Sport & Leisure Executive
    • Sport & Recreation Executive
    • Wellness/Lifestyle Executive
  • Further Studies

    Our Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and overseas universities. Many of our graduates have also received advanced standing and credit transfers for admission to degree programmes at well-known universities.

Why Our Partners are On Board

Rostam UmarChief, Strategy Group, Sport SingaporeI am highly supportive of this initiative to introduce the Professional Competency Model (PCM). Conceptually, I see the PCM as a positive way forward, offering a good mix of breadth and depth to better equip and prepare learners for the workforce in the future. The way real-world problems are approached and tackled is multi-disciplinary.

Nicholas TeoDirector, Team AxisThe introduction of the PCM to this diploma ensures that students remain adaptable in this ever-changing and dynamic economic environment. Through this programme, learners can experience the many facets and opportunities within the sport and wellness industry and discover what truly drives their passion. With the integration of both business and sport/wellness within the curriculum, learners will be well-prepared to enter the workforce and contribute to the industry. I will be happy to explore work opportunities with the graduates of this diploma.

Mark ChayDirector of Administration, Global Esports FederationI congratulate Nanyang Polytechnic for introducing the PCM to this course. The curriculum will enable learners to be more agile, especially to the changing requirements of the industry. Learners will be more adept at responding to the consumption of sport and providing in-demand services based on the volatile demands of the consumers. The PCM provides learners with the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in the industry.

Did You Know?

A day in a life of a Sports and Wellness Manager

The heart of the Diploma - the NYP Bodywatch Gym brings to life the mix of sports and business through active learning.

Sport and Wellness Management Pride at the Singapore Sports Awards Night 2018

Glamour OOTD by our SBM Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management student, alumni, and lecturer, at the Singapore Sports Awards Night, held at MBS on 18 July 2018.

Congrats to the National Women’s Floorball Team for winning the Team of the Year Award!

In the photo (from left to right) are players and coach from the National Women’s Floorball Team: Wilna, Hui Hui (alumni), and Louise Khng (alumnus and lecturer).

Also in the photo are Martina Veloso (student), Miki and Jinghui (alumni).