Diploma in Business Practice (Customer Relationship & Service Management)

Equip, upskill and grow your business with Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Business Practice (Customer Relationship & Service Management).

The service sector accounts for almost 70% of Singapore’s ever-expanding economy and the need for a highly qualified workforce is becoming increasingly important. In the face of digital evolution, interactions & transactions between customers and businesses are growing smarter.

Learn how to manage your customer journey and business performance through leveraging multi brand & marketing channels to make purposeful engagements.

  • Course Aims

    The Diploma in Business Practice (Customer Relationship & Service Management) aims to provide participants with a broad-based business education in addition to skills and knowledge specific to customer relationship and service management. The modular certificate course helps participants develop skills in various aspects of business operations. Participants can expect to apply the acquired knowledge in their area of work to eventually achieve their professional goals.
  • Target Participants

    The programme is suitable for:

    •  Executive and corporate support staff handling administrative and support functions, and who wish to enhance their employability, capabilities and market value through a formal qualification to move up to the next level of their career path.
    • Technical support staff working in service sectors who wish to obtain the “breadth” in business operations so as to enhance their employability and capabilities within the organisation. 
    • Working adults who wish to join the service sector, and would like to have a better knowledge and understanding in customer relationship and service management so as to improve their service skills and to advance their career.

What You'll Study


Participants will receive a Modular Certificate upon successful completion of each semester and will be conferred the Diploma in Business Practice (Customer Relationship & Service Management) upon completion of five designated Modular Certificates.