About the Course

The Specialist Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring for Workplace Learning is a qualification jointly awarded by Republic Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic.
It aims to address the needs of skilled professional people developer across all industry sectors by building strong workplace learning capability to drive staff competency and performance, achieve productivity and retain talent to be agile, nimble, and responsive to the transformation brought about by Industry 4.0.

  • Course Aims

    Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

    • Apply effective learning concepts/models in designing, delivering and assessing learning to enable a learning organization
    • Guide and support learners for professional and personal development through effective coaching and mentoring approaches
    • Be a reflective practitioner by examining learning experiences, actions and practice based on learning outcomes for continuous improvement 
  • Target Participants

    Workplace learning practitioners in all industry sectors who are passionate to be a people developer and wish to deepen their learning and development (L&D) competence through a transformative learning paradigm.
  • Course Structure

    The course is 240 hours and comprises of TWO Post-Diploma Certificates. The programme can be completed in 2 semesters over a period of 12 months. Lessons are held at RP ACE@Paya Lebar.

    Post-Diploma Certificate in Workplace Learning for Continuous Development (Republic Polytechnic):

    • Promoting Active Learning through Technology (30 hours)
    • Facilitating Skills Development through Workplace Learning (45 hours)
    • Effecting Continuous Learning Environment (45 hours)

    Post-Diploma Certificate in Skills Development through Coaching and Mentoring (Nanyang Polytechnic)

    • Shaping Professionalism through On-the-Job Training (30 hours)
    • Employing Skills Gap Analysis in Workplace (45 hours)
    • Enhancing Workplace Learning with Coaching and Mentoring (45 hours)

What You'll Study

This module provides opportunities for workplace coaches and mentors to explore and experience various emerging learning technologies, which they can leverage on to create just-in-time learning as well as promote active and self-directed learning.

This module unpacks the ‘Method’ dimension in the Cognitive Apprentice (CA) framework to enable workplace coaches and mentors to describe and apply the ‘Ways to promote the development of expertise’ for the novice employee. This development of a novice to become an expert, requires and to shift their habit of mind through coaching and mentoring. These ‘Ways’ or facilitation methods include modelling, coaching, scaffolding, articulation, reflection and exploration.

This module introduces workplace practitioners to continuous learning design and its implementation in the workplace. The continuous learning design leverages on the Cognitive Apprenticeship (CA) framework to enhance the learning experience.

This module focuses on applying the principles of performance assessment at the workplace to shape professional conduct and workplace practices. The application focuses on the assessment demands, which workplace-learning practitioners commonly face. Workplace coaches and mentors will have the opportunity to explore the benefits and challenges of using tools such as checklists, rating scales and rubrics.

This module introduces various aspects of skills gap analysis, which workplace coaches and mentors use to identify organisational learning needs. The value of using learning analytics is in its ability to offer insights for building internal and external organisational growth plans for the future.

This module will introduce a well-structured coaching and mentoring framework for long-term developmental process. It will equip workplace practitioners with effective coaching and mentoring skills. The module will help them harness emotional intelligence to guide workplace learners to move from initially engaging in task-oriented learning activities to one of becoming constructive and engaged employees.

  • Certification

    Participants will receive a Post-Diploma Certificate upon successful completion of each semester and will be conferred a Specialist Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring for Workplace Learning upon obtaining the two Post-Diploma Certificates.