Financial Analytics with Python

  • Course Aims

    Participants will be introduced to the Python programming language for the purpose of performing financial analytics.  Important topics covered include data types and structures, data munging, transformation, visualisation, time-series modelling, input / output operations, statistical application with python and working with EXCEL.  Learners will also be exposed to the crucial Python scientific stack that are used by data scientists and will be provided with opportunities to solve financial data analytics problems.   

    The course will cover the key pillars of analytics – descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics.


  • Target Audience

    Finance professionals, entrepreneurs, investment professional, technologist who are looking to gain deep skills in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Course Fee


                             Category                                               Fee (Incl. GST)           
    Public         $96.30
    NYP Alumni (10% off)                             $86.67
  • Application

    Duration : 8 hrs

    Mode of Delivery: Online