Foundations of Neural Networks

  • Course Aims

    This short course is an introduction to the foundations of deep learning for more advanced modules, such as computer vision.  By the end of this course, participants will have a firm understanding of the concepts of neural network such as neural network architectures, feed-forward networks, backpropagation, keras and dropout.  Examples of simple Artificial Neural Networks will be applied to topics covered in classical machine learning to compare and contrast the performance of the two different approaches. 


  • Target Audience

    Finance professionals, entrepreneurs, investment professional, technologist who are looking to gain deep skills in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Course Fee

                             Category                                               Fee (Incl. GST)           
    Public         $72.76
    NYP Alumni (10% Off)                             $65.48
  • Application

    Duration : 6 hrs

    Mode of Delivery: Online