Animation students' designs & illustrations used in Budget 2021 speech
School of Design & Media

Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, third-year Animation students Feliza Ng and Lai Shea designed and illustrated works featured as part of this year's Budget speech, delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat in February 2021.

Guided by SIDM colleagues, Amy Soon, Tan Hui Qin and Grace Toh, the students were given the uphill tasks of coming up with presentation slide designs and illustrations for the Budget Speech's presentation.

Based on the given theme, the students designed 7 sections to meet the needs of the speech including:

1.     Theme of the Budget 2021: Emerging Stronger : Towards a Sustainable Future for All

2.     Relief for Recovery

3.     Emerging Stronger with Skilled Workers and Innovative Businesses

4.     Strengthening our Social Compact

5.     Building a Sustainable Home for All

6.     Our Fiscal Strategy

7.     Last but not the least; Emerging Stronger, Seizing New Opportunities

With the key concepts suggested by the Ministry of Finance, they brainstormed and further polished ideas to drive a stronger narrative in each of the 7 pieces of illustrations required for each section. The project allowed them to delve deeply into topics of concern in Singapore and our government’s plans to better life in Singapore be it in providing employment opportunities or creating a healthy and green environment for us now and into the future. Every piece of illustration has gone through numerous reviews and refinement to achieve the final imagery which best illustrates the essence of the messages.

NYP students and staff have been designing and providing visual content for Budget speeches since 2017.

Feliza and Shea worked on this project as part of their Year 3 Independent Work Project. Below, you can see some of the artwork they produced for the Budget speech.