"The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang" - Industry Collaboration
School of Design & Media

Have you caught The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang - iQiyi’s highly-anticipated first Southeast Asian Original and exclusive series? Our students from Digital Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics Design had the opportunity to contribute to different areas in this production in our collaboration with our industry partner, GHY Culture and Media!

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Visual Effects Production & Post Production

Our Visual Effects students participated in the R&D and VFX Production phases during their Final Year Project working on 10 episodes and completed more than 200 Visual Effects (VFX) shots including FX simulations, gunshots and more! Some even had their internships with GHY!

During the early stages of Research & Development (R&D), they helped develop look and visual effects techniques. 

Their roles also included working on VFX shots & assets as well as producing during VFX Production. Shots work ranged from 3D tracking, Rotopaint & Chroma Key, Compositing, to 2D FX compositing and Houdini FX simulation.

In addition, during post-production, our students (including 2 from Animation) who had their internship at GHY, helped with work on Ferryman’s reel!

R&D: Jeremy Chiu, Ho Khee Xuan, Joshua Chua, Lee Bridget, Lim Rong Jun, Shawn Lin, Muhammad Syukri Bin Jamberi, Deborah Peh

VFX Production: Chng Bing Xuan, Chong Xiao Xuan, Leonard Chua, David Goh, James Oh, Jarrett Teo, Juniel Thum, Lee Ting En, Eileen Ngah, Nur Dayani Binte Jamial, Ryan Sim, Jeremy Tarm, Ummairah Binte Noor Hayat, Yeo Hui Zhen, Yeo Yi Quan, Eden Sng

Internship: Muhammad Salman Bin Sulaiman, Choong Wan Qin (Ani), Goh En Hui, Ong Hui Ling (Ani)

In fact, many of the students, who worked on Ferryman, continued their journey at GHY Culture and Media after graduation!

Opening Ident for the drama

The opening ident of the drama was done by 4 of our Motion Graphics Design students — Sakinah Binte Nasri, Fun Ke Xin, Aaron Chan Yi and Low Jia Ying, who worked on the pre-visualizations as well as 4 shots for scenes during their final year project!

Swipe to check out some of the works in progress!