Light to Night Festival 2022 - Title Installation & Art Skins on Monuments
School of Design & Media

We are proud of our students who were part of the team that brought Light to Night to the Civic District this year!

Our Interaction Design Year 2 student, Suzawani Binte Awalluden's designed and worked on this year's festival title installation.

Our Motion Graphics Design students brought The Arts House, Asian Civilisations Museum, and the Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall to life with their beautiful animations projected on these buildings.

This is also the first time our Motion Graphics Design students were tasked with working on all three building façades! 

The Light to Night Festival 2022 was up at the Civic District from 14 Jan to 3 Feb 2022.

Light to Night Title Installation

"Harmonic Spectrum" by Suzawani Binte Awalluden was chosen from 30 designs proposed by students from our Immersive Experiences module, mentored by our lecturers Ms Ng Wen Lei and Mr Daryl Goh.

The submissions were reviewed by curators from the National Gallery Singapore based on their performance and compliance to rigorous design criteria: originality of design, alignment with theme and festival identity, weather-proof, suitability for day and night, and even production feasibility.

Suzawani’s proposal stood out from the rest of the submissions. He used geometric forms and a theme of subtraction to create new meaningful shades of blue, green and red which exudes calm, growth and courage - qualities displayed by many around the world during a time of disruption. 

"Harmonic Spectrum" was displayed at the National Gallery City Steps during the LTN2022 Festival.

Art Skins on Monuments

Dubbed as the biggest façade light show in Singapore, Art Skins on Monuments is a platform showcasing projection-mapping artworks on the historic monuments of the Civic District, which has been lighting up during the annual Light to Night Festival since 2018.

We were honoured to be invited again to design and create on-site projection-mapping content for three building façades under the mentorship of Safuan Johari and Brandon Tay. This is also the first time our students have taken on the challenge of working on three building façades!

The 47 Motion Graphics Design students worked in nine groups to create a total of nine motion graphic video projections in 10 weeks! They crafted unique stories to spark engagement and dialogue around art, as well as the history and heritage of each monumental building.

Their amazing projection pieces were adorning The Arts House, Asian Civilisations Museum, and the Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall in the Civic District during the Light to Night festival 2022.