Early Admission Exercise Portfolio Workshop Sessions

Want help to get ready for your Early Admissions Exercise Portfolio to join us at the School of Design & Media?

We're here for you! With our monthly EAE Portfolio Workshop sessions! 

Get consultations with our lecturers to guide you in building your portfolio for EAE applications to our diplomas! ⁣👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

You may attend more than one session along the way as you build your portfolio!

Be sure to watch the Portfolio Workshop Briefing Video below and sign up for our consultations to get your work reviewed and advice on how to improve!


For more information about our Portfolio workshops & applying to SDM via EAE, check this page out!

To sign up for a Portfolio Workshop session, click here!

SDM Portfolio Workshop Briefing


Please watch this video before attending our Portfolio Workshop sessions to find out what you should prepare for your portfolio to enter SDM's courses through the Early Admission Exercise!


If you would like to chat to our lecturers directly with your queries, do join our Discord Server!