Thinking Beyond Service Experience Design Masterclass 2022

Service Experience Design is increasingly finding its way into service oriented organisations, as they realise that customer and stakeholder experiences are becoming important business objectives. These experiences are also a means to differentiate business offerings from the competition, as consumers increasingly expect more personalised or thoughtful encounters. Brands are now relying on Service Experience Design to create innovative and relevant experiences for their people, partners, products and processes.

While Service Experience Design tools can be easily implemented to add value to a company’s operations for greater customer experience, it is important to simultaneously think about both service and physical space designs together. This will improve the quality and the interaction between service provider and customers for better brand engagement.

This course covers foundational theory and case studies to provide a broad view of the skills, methods, and tools employed by service experience designers. Lessons are supplemented with ONG&ONG’s 360 Design Solution approach to the user experience design and its orientation towards practical methods for dealing with design problems.

The programme is a partnership with ONG&ONG who has nearly 50 years of providing companies with design-driven solutions and aid in achieving branding objectives across Singapore, Asia and beyond.

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    SC < 40 yrs old or PR across all ages

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This programme will empower participants to:

  • Understand the concepts and principles of Service Experience Design.
  • Apply Service Experience Design methodology and mindset.
  • Practice individual and collaborative skills in design problem solving and co-creation.

Upon successful completion of the Masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between service and service experience.
  • Collect information about user and activities through better observation.
  • Sort out gathered information into useful data and convey them as persona profiles and scenarios.
  • Use process diagrams for problem solving and effective communication.
  • Identify service design problems and establish a user-centered process, looking at value hierarchy and trade-offs.


  1. Public, private, and not-for-profit sector employees for whom service experience or delivery is important.
    • Transportation
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Retail
    • Leisure and Attractions
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Civil Service
  2. Business leaders dealing with enhancing service experience for companies.
  3. Managers handling cross-disciplinary teams directly affecting customers.


Heartbeat@Bedok is a pioneering mixed-use civic building prototype that is also highly sustainable. Aside from winning an American Architecture Prize in 2017, it has been a repeated finalist at the World Architecture Festival: first in 2015 for its concept design, and again, in 2018 as a completed building. In 2019, it was catalogued in the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for being among the most design-forward buildings around the world.

The Bedok Public Library is co-located within Heartbeat@Bedok. Its design has been featured in the National Library Board Singapore’s book “The Remaking of Singapore Public Libraries” for the clever use of furniture to intuitively define spaces for users and its innovations for the elderly.

*Subject to changes due to Covid SMM exigencies

Ashvinkumar Kantilal
Group Chief Executive Officer, ONG&ONG Singapore


Ashvinkumar is a Singaporean architect and Group CEO of the international multidisciplinary design firm ONG&ONG. He graduated with Honours from the National University of Singapore in 1988 and has been registered with the Board of Architects since 1990.

His fervour for ecologically responsive buildings has been an influence in his architectural career spanning over three decades. He has worked extensively with renowned foreign practices heralding design excellence like UNStudio, both Kenzo and Paul Tange, Carlos Ott, and Paul Rudolph in making iconic buildings in Singapore.

He received the national honor of the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat for his commendable public service.

Robert Brodeth
Associate Director, ONG&ONG Singapore


Robert Brodeth is Associate Director for Architecture at ONG&ONG, based in Singapore. He is responsible for delivering concept design and design development of large-scale and prototype projects in the region - particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, and most recently, in the Philippines. Prior to ONG&ONG, he was involved in many of Singapore’s megaprojects that contributed to the skyline of the CBD marina.

Dealing with varied client cultures, building types and site conditions across the region, he employs Service Experience Design principles in his processes. His notable design projects are Heartbeat@Bedok and Bedok Public Library, which have been internationally recognised for their responsive and human-centric approaches.

Emeric Lau
Senior Brand Consultant, IMMORTAL


Emeric Lau is the Senior Brand Consultant for IMMORTAL, a wholly owned branding consultancy of the ONG&ONG Group. He has a comprehensive portfolio of both Singapore and regional clients - working with them on branding projects that address market research and audits, brand strategy and development, and brand management. He possesses in-depth knowledge on global and Asia market trends, which informs all areas of each branding programme.

He has managed projects across a variety of industries including hospitality & travel, retail, food & beverage, property development, healthcare and corporate.

Gary Soh
Project Manager, IMMORTAL


Gary Soh has more than a decade of environmental wayfinding experience, and has handled signage projects ranging from residential to commercial, and thematic developments.

Gary has extensive knowledge of all aspects of wayfinding projects. His technical and on-the-ground expertise, combined with his project management skills, have ensured the successful completion of his projects on time and to the budget.

Raymond Tan
Service Design Facilitator, Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design & Media


Raymond Tan is the lead trainer and service designer at Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Design & Media in Singapore. He is also one of the founding members of the Service Design Network, Singapore Chapter. Raymond is an advocate in service design, and has collaborated with many organisations in introducing service design for business innovation, to enhance their user experience. He has been researching, practising and facilitating service experience design with a diverse range of partners including Accor Group of Hotel Novotel, Great Eastern Life Insurance, NTUC Club, Singapore Police Force, Workforce Singapore, Ministry of Education, Wing Tai Retail, Scanteak and Sakae Holdings.

Raymond is also responsible for designing and leading the development of Specialist Diploma in Service Experience Design and Innovation for adult learners. He is also actively involved in collaborating with Royal College of Art, London, in bringing the finest and latest Service Design practices to Singapore. Raymond is a current postgraduate in Service Design at the University of the Arts, London College of Communication, majoring his thesis in speculative design and service design education.

Larry Seow
Service Design Facilitator, Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design & Media


Larry Seow chairs the Innovation and Enterprise Team at Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Design & Media. He was the consultant and trainer for the pioneer batch of Design Thinking Master Trainers for the Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia, and was involved in the pre-planning of the 2nd Design Thinking programme with the Public Service Division, PMO Singapore.

He has also led the Design Thinking and Service Experience Design facilitation and training for Yokogawa Corporation (Taiwan), Workforce Singapore and Ministry of Education to trigger their creative resourcefulness in identifying opportunities for innovation.

Andrew Lee
Service Design Facilitator, Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design & Media


Andrew has over 25 years of corporate industry, lecturing and training experience. He spent over 15 years managing both marketing and sales teams in multinational companies like SONY, Cerebos Pacific (Suntory) and Nature’s Farm, and more than a decade lecturing in tertiary institutions (local university & polytechnics) specialising in Brand Management, Marketing and Design Thinking.

Andrew underwent a one-year Design Thinking Programme, and was certified in 2011 as a Design Thinking Trainer by Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Since then, Andrew has trained numerous corporate companies and government organisations in Design Thinking for over 10 years. Previously, he was centre manager and business lecturer at one of Singapore Polytechnic's Innovation Centre, had collaborations with the Public Service Division and SPRING Singapore in Design Thinking training workshops, and customised project consultancy to SMEs and MNCs. Andrew has conducted Professional Design Thinking Programmes in Asia such as China, Mongolia and Bhutan as a Design Thinking Consultant.