CPR self-learning kiosk

In conjunction with National Heart Week/World Heart Day 2019, the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) and NYP collaboratively launched the new and enhanced CPR self-learning kiosks on 29 September 2019. Two students from the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) and one student from the School of Engineering (SEG) worked on the second version of the kiosks, which aim to educate the public in lifesaving skills. These kiosks were deployed to various locations around Singapore.

The objective for this project is to attract as many Singaporeans to learn how to do a proper CPR from the interactive Kiosk. In many cases, life can be saved by people with knowledge of CPR. By using physical installation with the interactive interface, Singaporeans can learn and experience and react to real life CPR situations. These CPR self-learning kiosks has inspired many Singaporeans of different ages to learn more about life saving skills.

Augmented Reality (AR) Jewellery

Awards won:
Indigo Design Awards 2019 - Gold
in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology 2019, Non-Pro, Bronze in Digital Tools and Utilities 2019, Non-Pro, Honorable Mention in Interactive Design 2019, Non-Pro
The Crowbar Awards 2019 – Finalist
in Digital /Innovation – User Experience


Team Members: Thineshvaran Jeremy S/O Panir Selvam Michael, Janelle Chu Yu Jia, Marcus Yap Jin Han

Mentor: Suen Eng Kai

AR Jewellery is a mobile application created by our Interaction Design students which allows our users to visualise and customise jewellery of their choice on their hands through the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

This saves our users the trouble of visiting the physical store. 

Miniature New Year 小新年

Awards won:
Indigo Design Awards 2019 - Gold
in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019, Non-Pro
The Crowbar Awards 2019 – Silver
in Digital /Innovation – Digital Installation


Team Members: Law Jing Yang, Kuan Shu Lin, Lee Jian Lin

Mentor: Tommy Quek

Miniature New Year 小新年 is an interactive installation which allows our users to experience & understand the culture of Chinese New Year through the use of Projection Mapping & Sensors


Award won:
Winner of Sustainability Design Competition 2018


Team Members: Gwyneth Yeo Jing Yi, Liew Shan Mou Derek, Syed Ameer Shah B Syed Omar, Tan Pei Shi

Mentor: Tommy Quek

Turtlery is a mobile application that provide food delivery similar to FoodPanda, GrabFood with a twist. 

As a part of its commitment to make food delivery more socially responsible, Turtlery delivers food orders stored in reusable food containers. 

The orders are then transferred to customers’ tableware upon delivery.

The containers used for delivery are then washed and clean for the next delivery.

TEASE exhibit at Human+: The Future of Our Species Exhibition

Title:  TEASE 

Exhibit: Art Science Museum Human+: The Future of Our Species (20 May -15 Oct 2017)

Team Members: Lim Jiong Han Kerwyn, Nur’Idrus Bin Yusof, Mason Sou, Sally Wang Ling Jia, Shao-En Tsai, Christal Chan Kai Ting and Ong Jun He 

Mentor: Lim Hue Tyng

TEASE , a playful and whimsical interactive installation, was conceptualized and developed by Lim Jiong Han Kerwyn, Nur’Idrus Bin Yusof, Mason Sou, Sally Wang Ling Jia, Shao-En Tsai, Christal Chan Kai Ting and Ong Jun He from the Diploma in Interaction Design, School of Interactive and Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic.

TEASE was first created by two members of the Singapore team and four Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art (GAFA) students in Nov 2016, and was exhibited in GAFA, Guangzhou, China.

This installation invites guests to explore the interpersonal relationships between humans and technology. Featuring a series of mechanical body parts, guests are invited to interact with the installation. Through various actions, the installation will elicit different reactions.

Teasing and being teased is one of the many ways how humans interact.  When teasing is playful and friendly, it usually results in positive reactions from the person being teased.  TEASE explores what happens when people are invited to tease a machine. At the end of the exhibition, the team asks visitors to recall how they feel when they are teasing others, and to share the amusement they feel when engaged in the act of teasing, with other visitors.




Interaction Awards 2015/16 (Shortlisted)

Title:  City of Fireflies

Team Members: Nur Shahidah, Nurul Atiqah, Wong Shu Ting


In Singapore, commuters rely on mobile application and printed information board at bus stops and interchanges for travelling information, such as bus routes, fare, estimated arrival time and bus load (available seats). Most of the popular mobile applications used by commuters does not provide all the information listed above.

Based on research findings and data provided by Land Transport Authority, Nur Shahidah and Nurul Atiqah decided to propose an interactive board and application to simplify the extraction and transmission of information for a better user experience.

The proposed information board and mobile application provides information such as the load of the bus, bus arrival time, notification systems and current location of the oncoming bus. Users can also track where their buses are through the information board. This allows commuters to plan their journey better and minimizing their chances of being late or waiting for their bus under the hot sun.