About the Course

This new specialist diploma will enhance and give a deeper knowledge to participants who are currently working in organisations and entrepreneurs who are preparing or are already operating design business entities. A course participant will gain a good understanding of design strategy and management, in aspects such as manpower management, financial management, project management, project planning, budgeting, communication management, resource & facility management and client interaction. This would enable the designer, who is either working in an organisation or who is an entrepreneur, to widen his or her job scope and portfolio of work, take on management functions and operate the design business effectively. They would also be able to contribute on an executive management level in a company.

What You'll Study


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in cross-disciplinary teams for the benefit of the company.
  • Contribute effectively to the different functions within their company, including project management, financial management, human resource management, sales and marketing and IP management.
  • Facilitate work across different  departments, paying attention to  cost, budget, profit & loss and time line.
  • Perform management functions and day-to-day operation including client & vendor management, providing solutions to customers  and  developing products that are aimed at making life better.         
  • Develop and apply a practical approach and application of entrepreneurship concepts to the business of design, thus, improving its efficiency.