About the Course

This new specialist diploma aims to develop participants through a thought process with User-Centric Design approach to create innovative and encompassing solutions for the organisation and businesses. Participants will gain a deep understanding of Service Experience Design, an emerging area of discipline that generates well thought out experiences through a holistic and systematic approach.


Participants will also learn about cross-disciplinary practice employing various skills in design, ethnography research, behavioural insights, experience mapping, business innovation, service marketing, communications and project management. This would enable the individual to widen his or her job scope horizontally across the various departments within the organisation or company. Participants will be able to contribute effectively as a catalyst at an executive management level in the company to drive innovations.  

What You'll Study


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define, analyse, synthesise information to create and develop innovative solutions across a wide span of industries with the adaptive use of Service Experience Design methodologies.
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge across Business Organisation and Service Experience Design domains.
  • Visualise and communicate ideas and concepts effectively and professionally to various stakeholders.
  • Contribute effectively both as a leader and a catalyst within the organisation to drive towards a desired customer experience with the ability to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary organisation.