About the Course

NYP has been appointed as the Programme Manager by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) for Spatial Design and will be launching this new specialist diploma in response to market demand and the need for a course that develops and enhances deeper skills. It seeks to equip participants who have recently graduated from polytechnic with a design-related diploma and who are looking to enter the workforce or who have only recently started working.

The course will equip designers with the skills to meet the growing demand for Spatial Designers. This includes understanding the application of materials and technologies with design sensibility. Participants would also learn to offer one-stop solutions by developing competencies and understanding design in the context of a business environment and its role in developing client relationships and marketing strategies.

What You'll Study


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively employ user experience (UX) concepts in their work.
  • Employ design thinking in design and business.
  • Plan, implement and manage design projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand current practices in materials and design and their applications in sustainable designs.
  • Gain valuable work experience to complement and reinforce classroom learning and contribute on an executive management level in a company.
  • Develop practical understanding of theories learned during face-to-face classroom time through application on-the-job.