About the Course

The Specialist Diploma in Visual Effects is a program, that aims to train students in both the art fundamental and technical skills needed to produce high quality visual effects.

Singapore’s Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) sector has been rapidly expanding since the launch of our nation’s vision to establish the country as Asia’s leading media marketplace and test-bed for innovative ideas in digital media. With a demand for passionate technical artists with experiences in art fundamentals, media production houses in Singapore such as VHQ, Vividthree Productions, AMC studios, Cum.m+d, CraveFX, Infinite Frameworks, Lucasfilm and many more are constantly seeking employees with these capabilities.

Due to the advancement of technology there is a blurring of lines for the job scopes within the media industry. Therefore, the skillsets developed in this course are designed to enable students to cross platforms within the media industry, for example a visual effects artist will be able to apply his/her skills in film, Tv, games or even scientific visualizations in the medical or engineering field.

To help fill this gap we are offering a 6-month part-time specialized programme to train and convert professionals who have a passion for the media industry.

What You'll Study


Nanyang Polytechnic will award the Specialist Diploma in Visual Effects to participants who have successfully completed all the required modules and the final project.

Graduates of the program will produce a show reel highlighting with an extensive breakdown of their work and process. With the show reel, graduates could seek entry-level careers in VFX.