Overseas Programmes

SDM believes that a global perspective helps to enrich our students’ learning experiences. As such, we offer them a range of overseas internships, student exchange programmes and study trips. Our students also get opportunities to attend international conferences, festivals and, participate in international competitions. 


SiggraphAsia 2022 in Daegu, South Korea

We've got some exciting news to share with you all - 24 of our Animation & Visual Effects diploma students recently got the chance to embark on an epic adventure to SiggraphAsia 2022 in Daegu, South Korea!

From December 3rd to 11th, our students got to experience the annual Computer Graphics Conference held in Asia - and let us tell you, it was a blast! They got to mingle with CG Supervisors and Producers from some of the top animation and VFX companies in the industry, and gain valuable insights and inspiration for their own future careers.

But that's not all - the students also got to explore and immerse themselves in the culture of South Korea, visiting places like the National Museum of Korea, Geongbok Palace, and the Scanline VFX Studio. They even got to check out the Gamcheon Culture Village, which is known for its colorful and vibrant street art. Talk about a dream trip for any animation and VFX enthusiast!

We're so proud of our students for taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, and we can't wait to see what they'll create in the future. Who knows, maybe one day they'll be the ones speaking at SiggraphAsia! Check out this amazing video they had created throughout their trip!

Until then, let’s keep creating and never stop dreaming big! 


Overseas Study Trip to Barcelona, Spain

A group of 16 students went for Barcelona for a study trip from 10 Mar to 22 Mar 2019. During the trip, they attended a four-day design workshop at the LaSalle University and visited several designer icons such as Casa Milla,
Walden 7, La Fabrica, La Sagrada Familia as well as a number of design museums.

Inbound Exchange from Guangdong Industry Technical College (GITC)

NYP School of Design (SDN) hosted a joint workshop – Unique Singapore Gift together with GITC (Guangdong Industry Technical College) in September 2019.
A total of 30 students from GITC and NYP worked in teams to propose new gift designs for a local company, Shevron Pte Ltd. The designs were launched in May 2019 and are sold in Changi Airport and many tourist attractions.

Co-creating Design for Healthy Ageing

NYP School of Design (SDN) and School of Health and Social Sciences (SHSS) jointly organised the Design for Healthy Aging 2019, an International Design Workshop in collaboration with the University of Canberra, Monash University and Federation University, Australia. This is the third edition of the Design for Healthy Ageing Workshop series. Over a two-week period (10 - 21 Jun 2019), 70 students from the various disciplines (health sciences, media arts and design) represented Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong to work with seniors in community and care settings across Singapore. These students identified key challenges of seniors and co-design solutions to support and promote healthy ageing. Solutions representing unique multicultural, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary approaches to ageing were exhibited at NYP Library from 21 Jun to 5 Jul 2019.

Go Bamboo Workshop

Bamboo is a sustainable material for future building industry. It is essential for the new generation of designers and architects to be well equipped with the knowledge on this sustainable material for design and construction so as to develop new design concept for a more ecological world. More than 70 Diploma in Architecture students attended the workshop held on 1 - 4 Jul 2019 where they were introduced to the properties and possibilities of bamboo in design and construction. The workshop was led by Low Ewe Jin, an architect from the Bamboo U, The Green School, Bali who specialises in bamboo architecture. In addition to the workshop, theoretical lectures and hands-on workshop sessions were also held.


10-day exchange programme at SDN’s partner institution - Kun Shan University, Taiwan

11 students were on 10-day exchange programme at SDN’s partner institution - Kun Shan University, Taiwan from 19-28 Mar 2018. The programmed included visits to places of historical interest and cultural heritage, as well as experience sharing and interaction sessions with staff and students. The students also joined a papermaking workshop.

SDN hosted students from Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic

SDN hosted a group of 29 students and two staff from Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic for their study trip at NYP from 7-16 May. The 10-day programme covered educational/cultural lessons, visits to places of historical interest and cultural heritage, as well as experience sharing and interaction sessions with staff and students of NYP. We also conducted one-day Design Thinking Workshop for them.

Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging 2018

School of Design and School of Health Science jointly organised an International Design Workshop - Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging 2018, in collaboration with the University of Canberra, Monash University (Australia), Kun Shan University (Taiwan) and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Over a two-week period, from 10 to 21 Jun 2018, 100 students from the areas of health sciences, media arts and design representing Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been working together with residents in elder care centres and community hospitals across Singapore to co-design new solutions that will support healthy ageing in Singapore. The elder care centres and community hospitals that were involved in this project were: AWWA, Vanguard Health Care, Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens, Sree Narayana Mission, Kembangan Chai Chee Senior Activity Center, Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital. The solutions were showcased in an exhibition at the National Design Centre and the Australia High Commission. Through this workshop students from the four countries were brought together, and they provided solutions that had a multicultural, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary outlook on ageing and design.

Algorithmic Origami Workshop by Ankon Mitra

ARCH invited Ankon Mitra to deliver a workshop as part of ARCH to share a lecture series. The workshop introduced students to various digital tools that enabled the design and creation of origami, and further talked about the application in architecture and sustainable structural design. Students participated in the digital tool sessions and created virtual 3D models that they would go on to physically assemble - just like real world architectural objects. This enabled them to have a better understanding of the relationship and constraints between digital and physical realms – constraints of material, structure and fabrication. The workshop provided a rigorous dialogue between design models, fabrication, and digital experimentation in architecture. A one-day workshop for the Spatial Design Year 3 students was also offered on 25 Oct 2018. The students picked up some new design methodology, aided by origami and technologies, converting their complex folding into virtual 3D models. At the end of the workshop, we curated an exhibition in SDN, which showcased the processes of origami in structural design and application.

International Summer Design Workshop 2018 in Japan

13 students participated in the International Summer Design Workshop 2018 from 18 to 27 Aug 2018. The workshop is organised in rotation by participating institutions on an annual basis. Hosted by Future University Hakodate and Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan this year and jointly organised by SDN - NYP, Seoul National University, Sangmyung University, Korea and Taiwan Ocean University, the workshop aimed to bring together students from the 6 institutions to work on a cross cultural project; the theme is “Smart Transportation". The design process was the integration and coming together of cultures and ideas as well as breaking the language barriers to forge friendships. 79 students comprising of 24 from Korea, 32 from Japan, 10 from Taiwan and 13 from Singapore, participated in this workshop. Through the process of the workshop, the students gained a deep understanding of all aspects of the design process, from observation, market research, user studies, and ideation to concept development.

AA Cambodia Workshop

The workshop was conducted by world renowned The AA School of Architecture. There were five students who attended AA workshop at Cambodia from 7 to 21 Aug 2018. It was a Summer Workshop where undergraduates from Hong Kong University, AA School, Vienna, Australia, Cambodia and Canada worked on various architectural design processes and built various additions to an existing village school. Students learn about vernacular architecture, social design, understand materials and detailing and contribute to the local community. They built a play structure for the local children and made architectural additions to an existing village school. They also equipped the campus with communal dining facilities. They learnt about the rural social framework through their interactions with the local community. Our students gained confidence and satisfaction when they saw their work being used by the local community and brought joy and delight to the local children.

Overseas Internship Programme in Tokyo, Japan

Teo Li Min Celine from the Diploma in Visual Communication was attached to a Japanese company, Sakamoto and Plane Co. from 23 Jun to 15 Sep. Sakamoto Radio markets phone accessories and Plane Co. is an industrial design consultancy.

Immersion and Overseas Exchange Programme at Guangzhou/Hong Kong

38 students were attached to our Overseas Project Centre in Panyu Polytechnic between 3 and 16 September 2018 for the immersion programme. The students participated in various cultural programmes, workshops and visits. There were cross-institution interaction activities with students from Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic. They also visited Hong Kong PolyU.

Inbound Exchange from Guangdong Industry Technical College (GITC)

SDN hosted a joint workshop – Unique Singapore Gift together with Guangdong Industry Technical College (GITC). 16 GITC students and 13 SDN students were divided into six groups to propose new gift designs for a local company, Shevron Pte Ltd. The company was very happy with the final design presentation and produced the winning design to the market during the Chinese New Year.

SDN Hosted Students from Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (PYP)

SDN hosted a group of 36 students and two staffs from Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic for their study trip at NYP. The 10-day programme included educational and cultural lessons, visits to places of historical interest and cultural heritage in Singapore. Furthermore, the participants had the experience of sharing and interacting sessions with staff and students of NYP. We also conducted one-day Design Thinking Workshop for them.

Educational Immersion Trip to Berlin and Plague

20 students from all diplomas and two staffs embarked on an eight-day educational immersion trip to Berlin and Plague from 30 Sep to 8 Oct. Students visited various arts and design museums, as well as various social spaces designed with strong design intentions or cultural influences. Students also visited various iconic buildings or structures to appreciate and understand the design intentions and executions. Students immersed in the culture by visiting various attractions with strong cultural background and history.

Helsinki, Finland Entrepreneurship Experience Trip

20 SDN students from all four diplomas went to Helsinki for study trip from 9 to 17 Sep, as part of a Design and Entrepreneurship Experience Trip to attend the Helsinki Design Week and visit entrepreneurship start-ups within Helsinki. Special themed visits to various venues were organised to expose students to Nordic design culture and the local entrepreneurship environment. Through this experience, students showed more awareness of the culture and designs from Nordic region. They were also inspired by Finland Government’s support to encourage young entrepreneurship from the region.

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange Programme 2018

(10 Sep - 12 Oct 2018)

The TFISCALE* Programme between Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema (HATC) has the unique purpose of building network and connections between young leaders in tertiary education institutions in ASEAN.

Through this immersion programme, 10 students from each institution will participate in workshops and events that acquire ethical, cultural as well as social and emotional experience and skills needed to connect and build bridges among students and future innovators in digital media and cinema.

During the programme the students captured their experiences and also integrated them into a video that showcases their skills in cinematography and visual effects!

The SIDM students that took part in this program are:

Yeon Hui Shan & Naveen Raj from Diploma in Animation

Levin Yeo, Yeo Jee Cheng, Renger Tan, Lee Jia En and Lim Shao Xuan from Diploma in Digital Visual Effects!

Check out this video they produced!

SIDM Graduates at NewYork.SG Programme

During the month of March, the inaugural run of the NewYork.SG initiative saw four of our SIDM Alumni, Ariel Yap, Ng Liting, Kristine Chua and Valery Seng heading to the Big Apple for a unique programme which provides a month-long lineup of company visits, training workshops and networking opportunities for the young talents of Singapore. The experience was an invigorating one that brought dreams closer to reality for the participants!

Check out this amazing music video they had created in the middle of Times Square!

Our Animation alumna Rainy Fu was also one of the Program mentors in this initiative and Nicky Soh, also an alumnus from the Diploma in  Animation, was one of the invited speakers during the programme. Valery Seng, our recent graduate even celebrated her 21st birthday there!
Watch this interview to find out how their fantastic experience went.

LEEDS Arts University UK Student Exchange Study Trip

(3 Feb - 19 Mar 2018)

Three Motion Graphics Final year students, Hadinah, Wong Guan Jie and Sakina Khumuis along with two Animation Final Year students went on the inaugural Student Exchange Study Trip to LEEDS Arts University in the UK during 3 Feb – 19 Mar this year.

With the objective to exchange, collaborate and work with the LAU 3rd Year Graphic design degree students, our students ventured on this study trip outside of their curriculum.

The LAU and SIDM students were briefed on the project and collaborated on project concept pitches to be presented to senior faculty members at LAU, Prof. Amber Smith (Dept. Head of Graphics Design ), and Fred Bates ( Dept. Head of Animation and Illustration).

Apart from working on collaborative projects, our students had the opportunity to visit renowned companies like The Mill, a Visual Effects and Creative Content studio, as well as Territory Studio (another renowned creative agency specializing in motion design, visual effects and digital experiences). They even swung by Woodwork Studio in Amsterdam for a visit, during which the company was impressed with the student works we produce and were keen to work out an internship with SIDM!

The students had an eye opening experience, and were introduced to a different culture and perspectives!

Following this exchange with LEEDS, on 11 and 29 Jun, 10 graphic design students from LAU will come to NYP for another project collaboration.


Eco-Study Trip to Laguna Bintan, 27th and 28th August 2017

15 SDN students embarked an Eco-Study Trip to Laguna Bintan from the 27 to 28 August 2017. Supported by The Banyan Tree Global Foundation, the study trip provided an opportunity for the students to explore innovative and sustainable living conditions and designs. This is to enable them to be designers in the contemporary era, who are familiar with modern technological conveniences, and yet also mindful of the excessive use of resources. Upon reaching Laguna Bintan Resort, our students were guided by key management staff through the thinking and practice of Banyan Tree Holdings & Resorts. These included their encompassing commitment to the CSR initiatives, renowned and recognised vertically integrated hospitality and their unparalleled track record of 30 years of experience in building sustainability into their operation and ecosystem. Prior to the trip, most of our students were not aware of the wildlife, and they knew very little about the pro-environmental standards and systems. This has indeed been a meaningful CSR trip that touched these young hearts and was both educational and enlightening.

Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging Workshop

For 2 weeks in June and July, 27 Design and Nursing students from the University of Canberra and Monash University, 13 Landscape Architecture students from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, 11 Nursing students from NYP SHS and 15 students from NYP SDN participated in the Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging Workshop. The teams visited hospitals, design firms and care facilities to research on creating new and innovative design solutions for healthy aging. Design for the ageing population is a topic of interest across the globe but is especially relevant in the Asia Pacific region where some of the largest population imbalances are estimated. In Singapore the aging population is rapidly increasing. Currently there are 440,000 people over the age of 65 and it is estimated that by 2030 it will double to 900,000 with one in five residents 65 or older. The impact of this population imbalance will be profound. More robust health services will need to be implemented and considerations for housing, community interaction and dealing with new technologies will need to be adapted to suit the needs of this growing population.

School of Design's Overseas Internship Programme in Japan

On the 29 May 2017, SDN signed an agreement with Sakamoto Radio Co Ltd and Plane Co Ltd to promote and develop design activities through an overseas internship programme. With this agreement, two lucky SDN students from the Diploma in Industrial Design will be going to Tokyo on a three month internship programme. They will be engaged in planning, designing, production, and sales for accessories for smart phones, audio equipment and devices for PCs based in Japan. One of the students, Shevon Lee expressed her excitement on being selected for the internship: “I am really excited about it! I know this overseas internship will provide me with great exposure and experience. I am grateful to the company and NYP for giving me this opportunity! “ SDN looks forward to forging more relationships with overseas companies to provide our students with opportunities to venture abroad! Bon voyage!

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange Programme

(12 February – 25 March 2017)

10 students from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design and School of Interactive & Digital Media together with 10 students from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema (HATC) participated in our TFSCALE (Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange) Programme @ NYP. 

Based on a buddy system with the intent to co-learn together, our students first hosted the HATC students in a 3 weeks inbound programme in Singapore and thereafter flew to Hanoi to join the HATC students for a 2 weeks outbound programme.

Through this 5 weeks immersion programme, the students not only attended digital media workshops, but also went on learning journeys to experience the local heritage and learn more about the local media industry.

Together, the 20 students also collaborated and innovated in cross-cultural groups to create 5 short films that honour and celebrate the unity of multiple cultures and address ASEAN Youth Concerns.

Their immersion journey was documented through this blog: https://nyphatc2017.wordpress.com/

Highlights from the inbound programme: https://youtu.be/LrsslpQQeRw

Outbound Programme Highlights: https://youtu.be/Lkjedd2aE00

The 3rd BSRU ASEAN+3 Youth Camp

The 3rd BSRU ASEAN+3 Youth Camp started on the 18th of February and ended on the 1st of March, 11 days of empowering each other and making a strong bond of comradery.

The key objective of the Cultural exchange is to promote friendship, mutual understanding and academic collaboration with the 9 institutions around the region and beyond.

The Cultural exchange Program includes  study visit to the Grand Palace, scenery and landmarks of Bangkok, Phranakon si Ayuttaya  Province, the former capital of Thailand, the department of ASEAN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Higher Education Commission, Academic Forum, ASEAN  Arts in Harmony and  Thai Culture immersion workshop.

This year, a total of 55 students and lecturers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, the South Korea and China join the program. We also have 36 students from Chaen Kasem Rajabhat University, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University, Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University, Phetchaburi Rajabhat university, Phranakon si Ayuttaya Rajabhat University, Suan Dusit University and BSRU.

Five SIDM Animation students had a wonderful time at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University for the ASEAN+3 3rd Youth Camp.