Take a look at what our past graduates, and industry partners have to say:

Rainy Fu Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) Art Director at Spotify, New York

“NYP is definitely a catalyst for my success. Besides enrolling in Digital Media Design, I was selected for WorldSkills Singapore and emerged the Silver medallist. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. The months training for WorldSkills helped me to improve my graphic design skills tremendously and trained me to have a strong sense of discipline.”

Derus Loh Jun Jie Diploma in Visual Communication (Class of 2014) Project Executive, Singtel Business

"SDN provided a great environment to get creative and inventive with my design work in the three years I spent at NYP. I also developed impressive presentation skills and became a more meticulous individual, all of which are vital in my current profession."

Tan Ying Ying Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design 3D Artist at New Future Games

“During my time in SIDM, I had the honour of representing Singapore at the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 competition. Not only have I learnt a lot from my fellow competitors, I’ve also gained a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Becca Ang Diploma in Visual Communication (Class of 2014) Visual Merchandiser, Robinson & Co.

"SDN has given me a firm foundation in design and enabled me to think critically and come up with innovative design solutions. For my specialisation in visual merchandising, I learnt how colours, space and types of display play a part in the whole retail experience. This knowledge definitely helps me in my work now."

Peter Tan Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) Lead Animator at Industrial Light & Magic

“Signing up for Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) turned out to be one of the most important decisions I made in my life. The knowledge and experience gained in my time at NYP gave me a really strong foundation for my career as an animator. I also see these same strong fundamentals when I work with junior and senior artists who are fellow graduates of SIDM. This has allowed us to excel in our field. SIDM inspired and showed me the possibilities of what I can do as an animator, which is essentially to entertain people. I hope this course does the same for you.”

Lee Hong Xuan Diploma in Space & Interior Design (Class of 2016) Currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture at National University of Singapore

"Each lecturer has his or her own special set of knowledge and there’s so much to learn from all of them. Their quirky and creative teachings have enabled me to think out of the box and handle unusual situations, while still paying attention to even the smallest details. Thanks to them, I am able to see this world differently!"

Esmerella Fong Diploma in Digital Media Design (Interactive Media) Assistant Vice President, Experience Design at OCBC Bank

"Digital Media Design (Interactive Media) taught me the basics that helped kickstart my career and prepared me for challenges ahead.I enjoyed my time in school and my skillsets have expanded along the way picking up customer relationship skills, team and project management skills, leadership skills, and even interviewing skills. And I’m still learning. There’re always opportunities to provide better banking services and experiences for customers."

Chua Rui Min Diploma in Space & Interior Design (Class of 2015) Undergraduate, Bachelor of Interior Design, SIT-Glasgow School of Art & Winner of SG Mark Award and Singapore Design Award

"I was exposed to different learning environments, challenges and experiences that have helped me grow into a designer who can handle creative issues more maturely and professionally. With advice and encouragement from my lecturers, I’m currently doing my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I can proudly say that choosing this diploma course was the best decision I have made. The bonds I have made with my lecturers and classmates will fuel my design passion for a long time."

Akshya Rameshkkumar Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design Motion Graphic Designer at Cum Creative

“I’ve learnt what it’s like working on major movie productions, and I’ve gotten more confident of my technical knowledge and communication skills.”

Jaycelyn Ye Siling Diploma in Industrial Design (Class of 2014)

"SDN has moulded me into a designer who understands not only what a user needs, but also what the market needs. Thanks go to my lecturers who always urged me to achieve both form and function in my projects. It was not always smooth-sailing. However, with the support of my SDN family, I was able to overcome the setbacks and become stronger. Thank you SDN for a wonderful roller-coaster ride!"

Ronald Fong Diploma in Animation Co-founder/Creative Director, Masonry Studios

"SIDM’s strong industry ties opened up many opportunities for me. In 2008, I was given the chance to visit Paris for an animation masterclass at Gobelins l’école de l’image, one of the top animation schools in the world. SIDM also encouraged us to participate in numerous competitions where I won several animation awards and landed a golden opportunity to have an internship at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. I’m truly grateful to the lecturers at SIDM for their encouragement and dedication to inspire. This course has helped me to be ready for the demanding needs of the industry. I believe NYP SIDM remains the best institution for technical execution in digital animation.”

Vicki Ng Diploma in Visual Communication (Class of 2015) Undergraduate, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design, SIT-Glasgow School of Art

"Taking the Visual Communication course at NYP was not merely about picking up theoretical knowledge. The well-rounded curriculum has equipped me with analytical and entrepreneurial skills that complement my expertise, allowing me to excel in the working world."

Julian Khor Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) Program Director at 3DSense

“I’m glad I signed up for the Digital Media Design course offered by NYP back in 1996. The school, staff and lecturers were experienced, friendly and approachable. They were always there for me whenever I needed their guidance, be it for school, work or personal matters. Although intense, the three years at NYP prepared me well to tackle the challenges in the industry. The strong art fundamentals that were drilled into me were crucial and all the soft skills I learnt helped me to open doors of opportunities and excel in my professional career. I have worked with my NYP alumni since and it is always a joy to see students of such exceptional calibre graduating every year. I have never regretted licking that stamp and posting that application form to NYP 23 years ago!”

Aqil Lutfi Bin Ronizam Diploma in Industrial Design (Year 3 Student)

"At SDN, I have acquired the essential skills for an industrial designer. Through its strong industry partnership programme, my classmates and I have gained invaluable exposure working as interns at Resorts World Sentosa. I was able to develop my know-how on product and event designs, which enables me to build a substantial portfolio."

Rey Neo Diploma in Game Development & Technology Software Engineer at PayPal

“This diploma course provides a very strong foundation in programming which allows me to be versatile on any programming platform or language. Thanks to its comprehensive and industry-relevant programme, students enjoy advanced standing when continuing their studies in top universities, both at home and abroad.”

Dominic Qwek Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) Character Artist at Bonfire Studios

“DMD provided me with the set of skills that helped me on to a good start in the animation industry. Apart from the technical and artistic skills, there were also very good learning experiences that helped me throughout my career.”

Nur Atikah Binte Mohamad Azami Diploma in Visual Communication (Year 1 Student) Undergraduate, Bachelor of Arts in Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

"In just one semester, I’ve learnt valuable skills that I never thought would be possible previously. My conceptualisation skills have broadened and I now know that observation is key to coming up with good designs."

Jason Koh Diploma in Animation Lighting TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks

"SIDM helped me gain exposure through overseas opportunities especially in my 3rd year of studies where I interned with SideFX in California and even headed to France for a competition. These opportunities helped shape me and also encouraged me to pursue my studies overseas. With the strong foundations that NYP has equipped me with, I was able to transfer credits for modules and complete my degree at SCAD within 2.5 years which would have taken 4 years. "

Cong Yuwei Diploma in Space & Interior Design (Class of 2015) Undergraduate, AA Diploma (ARB/RIBA Part 2), Architectural Association School of Architecture

"Creativity is often sparked by the collision of ideas from different disciplines and cultures. We were constantly encouraged to explore new ideas and voice and debate our opinions throughout the Space and Interior Design course, which nurtured my creative thinking and design skills. This inspired me to pursue further studies in architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, one of the most prestigious and competitive architecture schools in the world."

Leia Ham Diploma in Animation Background Artist, Cartoon Network Studios

"The drawing mileage that I started at SIDM was really helpful, as well as a well-rounded foundation in both 2D and 3D animation, which was helpful for me as I continued my studies; knowledge of the 3D pipeline in particular gave me tools to understand designs in 3D, and helped with my development of lighting in painting."

Nur Aqilah Bte Abdul Rahman Diploma in Space & Interior Design (Class of 2014) Architectural Associate, HCF and Associates

"Exposure to new ideas, Encouragement from lecturers and Experience from competitions — these are the 3 ‘E’s that I’ve gained in my three years at SDN. The course successfully shaped my thinking process and broadened my knowledge. I also enjoyed taking essential general studies modules to enhance my skills beyond the scope of the course."

Chong Shihui Diploma in Visual Communication (Class of 2014) Undergraduate, Bachelor of Arts in Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

"SDN has prepared me well for my undergraduate studies in Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, particularly in the art of communication. Thanks to NYP, I am able to convey my thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively, as well as interact with people of all ages."

Terry Lim Diploma in Game Development & Technology UI/UX Designer at United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)

“I’m a fan of Assassin‘s Creed 3 and 4, which were developed by Ubisoft. So, I liked the game I was working on which had some similarities. It was really exciting working on Ubisoft Singapore’s first project.”