Digitalisation is creating new industries and transforming existing industries. Like many other industries, Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing industry with intelligent, interconnected systems seamlessly support activities along the entire value chain. Traditional skillsets are no longer sufficient to support Industry 4.0 adoption. There is a need to build a Digitally Confident manufacturing workforce to help industry and companies realise the potential of this Advanced Manufacturing.

The Digital Confidence Package offered by NYP comprises of suite of modular, short courses with mode of training delivery to fit operational needs of company. These short courses which are classroom and applied-based learning, are tiered according to job role.

At the Basic level for Machinists and Operators, the courses aim to provide foundational “level-up” to digital confidence and broad understanding of data interpretation, Industrial Internet of Things systems, robotics and automation.

At the Intermediate level for Engineers and Technicians, the courses will build in-depth knowledge of key processes and obtain skills for working, troubleshooting, and defining problems in a digital manufacturing environment.

Lastly, at the Advanced level for Managers and Supervisors, the courses aim to develop deep understanding and strategic view of how production and technology contributes to success of the business. The participants will learn innovation and product management to maximise the potential of advanced manufacturing.


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