About the course

The manufacturing sector continues to be an important pillar of the economy. With the rapidly changing technology landscape in the form of Industry 4.0 and the growing trend in the digitalisation of manufacturing operations, there is a need for companies to transform their operations and redesign jobs for the digital and data driven economy

Through consultation with industry, the Specialist Diploma in Digital Manufacturing is designed to broaden the knowledge and skills of participants in Data Analytics and Visualisation, Industrial Internet-of-Things, Product Lifecycle Management System, Shop Floor Data Acquisition and Monitoring, Smart Systems, Process Modelling & Simulation, Advanced PLC/PAC programming and Industrial Networks. Emphasis will be placed on including case studies in the curriculum and work-place based projects incorporated during OJT to enhance the course’s learning outcomes.

The 300-hour Specialist Diploma in Digital Manufacturing comprises of two 150-hour Post Diploma Certificates (PDCs). Participants will take one common PDC and select one of two elective PDCs:


PDC1 : Post Diploma Certificate in IoT Analytics & Visualisation (Common)

PDC2 : Post Diploma Certificate in Process Digitalisation (Elective)

PDC3 : Post Diploma Certificate in Smart Systems (Elective)

What You'll Study

  • Certification

    Participants who meet the assessment and attendance requirements for all the modules of a PDC will be awarded the respective Post-Diploma Certificate. Participants will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Digital Manufacturing upon successful completion of both the common PDC and the elective PDC.