• Course Aims

    This SkillsFuture funded course is a hands-on short course which will be of great benefit to anyone involved in the oral care of people with special needs such as the elderly and individuals with disabilities. 

    You will understand the challenges faced by this special group of people and learn how to provide holistic oral care for them.


    At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • understand the type of oral health problems commonly faced by people with special needs: dental decay, gum disease, dry mouth, tooth wear and mucosal diseases
    • appreciate the consequences of poor oral health on quality of life
    • identify barriers to dental care faced by the special needs population
    • demonstrate competency in delivery of basic oral hygiene
    • understand oral hygiene strategies and learn oral delivery techniques specific to patients who are wheelchair users, bedbound, PEG/NG fed and those who demonstrate care-resistant behaviours
    • identify avenues to seek advanced oral health care for people with special needs
  • Who Should Attend

    Caregivers such as nursing home staff, nurses, healthcare workers, and family members who are involved in the care of their patients/clients/dependents with special needs.

    Oral health professionals who are interested to find out more about the oral hygiene needs of the special needs population.

  • Core Modules

    • Understanding Oral Health
    • Oral and Systemic Health
    • Prevention of Oral Diseases
    • Basic Oral Hygiene
    • Special Care and Oral Health
    • Seeking Help and Making Changes to Improve Oral Hygiene
  • Certification

    Certificate of Completion