• Course Aims

    This course will help anyone who is responsible for the oral care of those with special needs, e.g. the elderly and individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. 

    You will understand the challenges faced by this special group of people and learn how to provide holistic dental care. 


    At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Understand oral health problems commonly faced by patients with special needs: dental decay, gum disease, dry mouth, tooth wear and mucosal diseases

    • Appreciate the consequences of poor oral health on quality of life

    • Understand the prevention of oral health disease

    • Demonstrate competency in hands-on delivery of basic oral hygiene; including tooth brushing with toothpaste using the Bass technique, interdental cleaning, denture hygiene and gauze wipe

    • Understand the delivery of oral hygiene specific to patients who are wheelchair users, bedbound, PEG/NG fed and those who demonstrate care-resistant behaviours

    • Know where to seek further oral health care for special needs patients