Mystify Audiences With Your Visual Effects Magic!

This course marries art and technology to create exciting and innovative digital entertainment using sophisticated computer tools with cutting-edge technologies and techniques. You will build your skills in visual arts techniques, film and production, as well as technical and analytical skills. Our Digital Visual Effects course is also Asia's only certified college for the Academy Award winning application, SideFX Houdini.

Your foundation studies will cover topics such as photography, visual arts, film, and technical skills, including cinematography and mathematics. Advanced subjects such as compositing, motion capture, photorealistic lighting and rendering, dynamics and particle effects, as well as programming and scripting techniques, and procedural effects, will arm you with the right know-how for the industry.

In your final year, you will have opportunities to work on industry-based projects alongside local and international companies. Gain the necessary skills to thrive in a dynamic work environment through the Internship Programme and work with real-world clients and projects for your Final Year Project in our internal development studios.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Best Career Choices!
    • Visual effects in feature films, TV and digital media
    • Digital compositing and post-production editing
    • Cinematography
    • Dynamics and particle effect imagery
    • Look development
    • Artistry in digital matte painting
    • Lead in scripting/digital asset creation
    • Digital lighting and rendering
    • Motion capture production
    • Matchmoving and rotoscoping
    • Film and TV production coordination
  • Further Studies

    Pursue further studies at reputable universities in Singapore, Australia, the UK or the USA.