NYP Staff Branch Committee

2014/2018 NYP Staff Branch Committee Members

NYP Staff Union Branch has elected the following Branch Committee Members on its 1st QGM held on 21st July 2014 


Yap Chu Yong 

Contact: (65) 6550-0743 

Email: Yap_Chu_Yong@nyp.edu.sg

School of Engineering 


Grace Choo 

Contact: (65) 6550-1330

Email: Grace_Choo@nyp.edu.sg

School of Health Science (AH) 

Assistant Secretary

Lim Kok Wee 

Contact: (65) 6550-0611 

Email: LIM_KOK_WEE@nyp.edu.sg

School of Engineering 

Committee Members

Choo Khoon Kheng

Contact : 6550 1757

Email: Choo_Khoon_Kheng@nyp.edu.sg

School of Information technology


Chong Fee Ring

Contact : 6550 0753

Email: CHONG_FEE_RING@nyp.edu.sg

School of Engineering 


Woo Wai Hong

Contact : 6550 1018

Email: WOO_WAI_HONG@nyp.edu.sg

School of Business Management

Andrew Poh

Contact : 6550 0414

Email: Andrew_Poh@nyp.edu.sg

School of Engineering

Oma Simon

Contact : 6550 418

Email: OMA_SIMON@nyp.edu.sg

School of Engineering