Opening Message

Message from the General Secretary, AUPE


Dear members,

In 2002 AUPE drew a blueprint “AUPE 21 – A Better Future” creating a shared vision for all – the Union and Members.  Moving forward in January 2007 the leaders of AUPE adopted an inclusive approach to the labour movement and endorsed the NTUC Labour Movement (LM) 2011.  A Labour Movement For All – Better lives for all collars, nationalities and age groups.

These moves are progressive and crucial to meet the changing employment landscape and workforce demography.  Having a job and retaining it is a challenge in today fast moving technological change and knowledge-based economy.

Out of the many initiatives (Dragon Boats) of NTUC, AUPE has adopted 5, namely Gold Collar, Silver Collar, Uth Movement, Employment and Employability Institute (E2I) and Singapore Tripartism Forum.  Spreading our focus over membership growth and meeting members’ needs and expectations while expanding and strengthening our bi-lateral relationship with management to help us serve you better.  In this respect I am glad to note the collaborative partnership between NYP management and union leaders of NYP Staff Branch and AUPE Headquarters. Such collaborative practices are necessary for the success of NYP and Union in meeting the objectives of both parties.

The NYP Staff Branch Committee has adopted 2 Dragon Boats, Silver Collar and Employment & Employability Institute (E2I) to give greater focus on employment and re-employment efforts and training and skills upgrading of members at NYP.

I urge you to give them your full support in their initiatives and embrace continuous learning and skills upgrading to remain relevant to job requirements and for life-long employability.

Let us together enhance our lives and create a Better Future for All.



General Secretary

Amalgamated union of Public Employees (AUPE)