Achievement Unlocked
School of Interactive & Digital Media

One of Joy Wong Shiqi's earliest memories involves sitting with her older sister, watching her battle on the console. As she grew older, she became captivated by the games’ concepts and designs. In May 2019, Joy graduates from the Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design with a near perfect GPA of 3.99 and the following academic awards:

  • Lee Hsien Loong Award 
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore Gold Medal
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore Award for Outstanding Project Work

She’s also been offered places at both the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Nanyang Technological University’s design school.


1. Describe your NYP experience in three words.

Eye opening (well, that was two words, but let’s break some rules). Fun. Painful (I mean, no pain, no gain, right?).


2. What is your favourite memory of NYP?

Definitely going through submission week with my friends. We would sit in a circle at the fourth floor of SIDM, eat cup noodles and pretend everything's fine. Well… it was fine during lunch time. But lunch hour would end, and we would be sucked back into the reality of having to submit our massive projects. Looking back, it was quite funny because as the weeks went by, you could see us looking quite terrible. But!!! The pain was all worth it. It was great coming out of it and seeing everyone grow. I don’t regret going through it one bit.


3. What will you miss most about NYP?

Hmm… I would like to say my cool friends and the awesome lessons. But it's gotta be the food: South Canteen's mixed vegetable rice and handmade noodles have a special place in my heart. They are super affordable yet filling.


4. Your mother wanted you to take a different route. What would you say to those who may be going through the same situation?

If you:

  • Really know what you want to do in life,
  • Want to try something you've always wanted to do,
  • Are disciplined enough to see yourself through the three years,

then perhaps going to Poly instead of JC is a better choice. There are risks, of course. Like, the course is not what you thought it was or you may lose interest. But I do think it's important to try different things and learn from your experiences. Hey, YOLO, right?



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